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What Cell Phone Plan Is Best For Me?

March 15, 2023

Questions to ask and factors to consider when finding the best cell phone plan for you.

Are you happy with your current cell phone plan? Is it giving you the right amount of data and reliable coverage at a competitive price? When it comes to identifying the best cell phone plan for you, there are several factors to consider.


Check Your Usage Data in Your Cell Phone Settings

First, you need to check your current bill to understand how much data you're using and think about how you plan to use your phone in the future. Is it for streaming your favorite sitcoms, movies or sports, scanning social media and/or listening to music? Do you play a lot of games on the go? Or are you mainly using your phone for texting, calls and email?


Set Your Data Budget

If you have a limited budget, consider an option like Cox's Pay as You Gig, which lets you pay for only the data you need each month, for $15 per gigabyte. For parents, Pay as You Gig offers a tool to help monitor and manage the data usage and costs for your children.

If you're someone who streams a lot of movies, TikTok video or games, or uses multiple apps on the go, you may want to consider a plan like Cox's Gig Unlimited for $45 per month. You can change your data plan at any time as your usage changes and always switch back.

If you're looking for ways to save money on data, use your home wifi — Cox home internet customers, for example, get 1.25 TB of data each month. Also, use Cox's network of 4 million mobile hot spots at home or on the go to help lower your mobile data usage and costs.


Ask These Questions Before Choosing a Cell Phone Plan

Before committing to a plan, make sure it meets your needs:


  • How reliable is your mobile carrier? Check whether you will have consistent coverage in your area. Plug your address into Cox's mobile coverage map to see what's available near you. Cox offers 5G, which sets the standard for the data speeds and phone connection, where available, and 4G LTE on all devices across the U.S.
  • Does my data plan include unlimited calling and texting? If this is what you're looking for, Cox has you covered. Our plans have no monthly talk or text limits.
  • How do I keep track of the data I've used? Cox lets you sign up for text or email notifications, or you can simply check your usage in the Cox App.


  • Can I switch my data plan when needed? With Cox, the answer is yes — you can change it anytime during a billing cycle, whether you're looking to reduce or expand your plan.
  • Does the carrier allow you to bring your own device (BYOD? Keeping your phone can save money on buying a new device and the time required to learn a new one. With Cox Mobile, you just have to check on whether your phone is unlocked and compatible with our network. If your phone is eligible, you just have to sign up for service and receive a new SIM card to activate.



Find a Plan That Fits

You can use Cox's mobile savings calculator to help compare different options and find the right plan for you and your family.


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