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8 Apps To Help You Reach Your New Year's Resolution

January 06, 2023

The secret to making your new year's resolutions stick isn't a secret at all. There's actually an app for that.

Did you make any new year's resolutions for your personal or professional well-being? Now is the challenging part — sticking to them. Fortunately, there's an app to help you follow through on your new year's resolution — whether it's managing your money, boosting your self-esteem or powering up your productivity.

Get Your Workout On
If you're the type that needs lots of inspiration to get moving, the Fit On app's live and on-demand celebrity and world-class trainers may do the trick — especially if there's no cost to you. The app lets you put together a personalized fitness plan, then invite friends to join in your favorite type of workout of type, level and time; cheer each other; see your real-time heart rate synced on your Apple Watch; and track your workout progress.
Save Money for Your Goals
The purpose of the Guac app is to help you save money while you spend. Whether you're saving for a new car or planning a beach vacation, Guac can help you set a goal based on your timeline and spending habits. You earn cash back for your daily purchases in the Guac Marketplace and can funnel that money directly into your goal's savings account.
Manage Your Screen Time Better
We all need a break from our screens, and if you have kids, it's especially important to strike the right balance between real world and on-screen activities. The Cox Panoramic Wifi app helps you manage screen time and pause devices, so you can schedule downtime and connect with each other during device-free family dinners.
Fine Tune Your Focus Through Music
Focus@Will uses exclusive tunes designed to boost your concentration and keep you focused for up to 100 minutes at a time. Backed by neuroscientists, the app utilizes a built-in productivity tracker and timer to keep you on task and in the zone. Whether your jam is nature beats or the sounds of cinema, Focus@Will promises to help optimize your productivity and keep you on track to finish your tasks.
Strengthen Your Self-Care Through Science
Fabulous utilizes behavioral science to offer solutions that can help you develop healthy habits. From overarching aims like overcoming your fear of failure, boosting your self-esteem and strengthening your self-discipline to simple but significant improvements, like getting more sleep and increasing your daily water intake, Fabulous will help you create a daily routine with reading passages, reminders and prompts to uplift and guide you toward your goals.
Inspire Random Acts of Kindness
Looking to give back? Sign up as a volunteer for be my eyes, which provides people who are blind or have low-vision with live video support. You can help someone with anything from reading an orange juice label and distinguishing colors to finding a pill they dropped and navigating new surroundings — all via a quick video chat. You'll only receive calls during daytime hours, and if you choose to connect, you'll access a live one-way video with audio, allowing you to see and hear what's in front of the user's camera to provide verbal support.
Make the Most of Your Meals
If you're looking to diversity and improve your diet, Prospre makes it simple by helping you create customized meal plans, choose recipes and generate automatic grocery lists based on your picks. It also offers a digital tracker that monitors the nutrients in your meals. The app's AI coach can analyze your weight and the foods you've eaten to provide suggestions to keep you on track — and even fit in treats where appropriate.
Find Your Zen
No matter your new year's resolutions, maintaining your mental health is key to it all coming together. The Healthy Minds Program, a nonprofit affiliated with the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, offers hours of free, user-friendly guided meditations and podcast->
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