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CONVERGE | Entertainment

We’re Here! Are You Ready?

June 18, 2020

HBO is serving Queens, one small town at a time.

Review | By: Kennith Everett

HBO’s unscripted docuseries, “We’re Here,” is everything we needed and more, and then a little bit extra. It’s hard to imagine what a show following three rather popular drag queens (Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela & Eureka O’Hara) around the country in a caravan of sorts could be about but it’s clear to the viewer that this series is about acceptance and change. The impact that these queens are having on every small town that they visit is very clear.

We’re Here Episode 2

From episode 1 this series feels very authentic. This is clearly not a show that is pandering to the current pop culture phenomenon that is Drag. Though it is a show that is following three drag queens from very different backgrounds into towns were queerness isn’t an identifiable and at times not accepted culture or identity. They are using the magical artform that is drag to reshape the ideas and preconceived notions of the art they create. In a unique way they are using drag to expose the citizens to a more authentic view of themselves by putting them into drag. 

The docuseries makes the towns and its citizens the stars of the show. The stories that the viewer gets to watch are all dynamic but surprisingly they all feel relatable.

It’s interesting that even in the very small towns that the queens visit there is a general familiarity to who the queens are which shows how big, “Rupaul’s Drag Race,” has become across the country. Even though many of the reactions to the queens are positive the show doesn’t shy away from some of the negativity that is thrown at the queens.

We’re Here Episode 3 

This show feels refreshing and the allure is quite unexplainable. If you are going into watching this show thinking it is similar to VH1’s show, “Rupaul’s Drag Race,” it isn’t, but do not let that steer you away from exposure to the magic that is, “We’re Here!” 

All six episodes became be available on Cox On Demand on June 5! What a perfect way to start off pride. 

Make sure to say “We’re Here” into your Contour to binge the show this Pride Month! 

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