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CONVERGE | Entertainment

6 Ways to Enjoy Summer While Social Distancing

June 23, 2020

From road trips to movie nights, discover how you can safely celebrate summer.


Summer might look a little different this year, but just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Take advantage of the clear skies, warm weather and extra time while reconnecting with friends, family and nature. Here are six ways to make the most of the season while in quarantine.


1. Spend Time Outside


Although shelter-in-place orders remain active in many cities, you can still enjoy time outside this summer—just remember to bring a mask. Go for a walk around your neighborhood while listening to your favorite music or podcast. Break a sweat while running through a new part of town. Or hop on your bike and see even more of the ocean, mountains and natural landscapes around you.


2. Plant a Garden


Create the garden of your dreams this summer in your backyard, on your balcony or atop your windowsill. Shop for seeds, herbs and flowers at local florists and nurseries to help support small businesses, and opt for contactless, curbside pickup so you can gather your supplies safely. Make sure your garden is getting enough water and sunlight, and remove any plant-eating insects that might be snacking on your sprouts. If you’re worried about the herbs not getting enough sunlight in your apartment, consider purchasing a countertop greenhouse, equipped with an LED light.


3. Stargaze 


There’s no denying that quarantine has had a positive effect on our earth. With skies clearer than ever, spend evenings under the stars looking for constellations. If you have a balcony or rooftop, grab a blanket and some pillows for ultimate comfort. You can also head to a nearby park or reserve, but be sure to wear your mask and keep at least six feet distance from others. In states with stricter restrictions, head to any open area and enjoy the view from a car, just make sure the vehicle has a sunroof for optimum viewing.


4. Road Trip to a National Park


As more national parks begin to open back up, you can spend the summer exploring Mother Nature’s playgrounds. If you live on the East Coast, drive north to Acadia National Park in Maine. West Coasters can frolic through the rainforests of Olympic National Park in Washington, while those living in the middle of the country can venture to Rocky Mountain National Park or the Badlands. Be sure to check the parks’ official websites before embarking on your travels to make sure they’re open to visitors.


5. Watch a Movie Outdoors

To make the most of warm summer evenings, build your own backyard movie theater. Use pillows and blankets in lieu of chairs and purchase a projector to stream the film against a white bed sheet. If you live in an apartment and have a balcony, watch the movie on your laptop or tablet instead, and consider wearing headphones if it's late. 
Panoramic wifi helps ensure you don’t run into any buffering issues during the best scene. You can even stock up on your favorite snacks and drinks to replicate a true theater experience. Cook your own popcorn, munch on your favorite candies or make your very own ICEE using frozen fruit, ice and a blender.


6. Start a Home Project 


Whether you want to repaint your bedroom walls or replace the kitchen cabinets, there’s never been a better time to start a home project. The warmer climates make paint projects even easier, allowing you to leave windows open to dry primers and ventilate fumes. With many home improvement stores now offering curbside pickup, you can also collect your supplies safely and quickly, without having to spend extra time perusing the aisles. 


From road trips and hikes to plants and projects, there are endless ways to celebrate the season while social distancing. While it may take a little extra creativity and effort, you can still bring your summer to life while staying safe.


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