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Traveling Again? Here's What You Need to Know for a Great Trip

July 23, 2021

If you're heading back on the road, here are ways to help ensure a safe and seamless experience.


As vaccination rates climb and travel restrictions ease, many people are developing an itch to get out and go somewhere.


Whether traveling for business or leisure, a few key tips can mean the difference between spinning your wheels and spending your time well.


Here are some ideas for staying safe and enjoying a much-needed change of scene.



Know Before You Go


When it comes to local rules, situations will vary, depending on your destination.


As you plan your trip, keep an eye on the latest Travel Safety Administration (TSA) regulations and U.S. State Department travel advisories to make sure you're prepared to travel safely.


If you have set your sights on an international trip, consult the current protocols in advance, and double-check the day before your departure.


Some retailers are offering free vaccine card lamination for a limited time. You may also wish to take a smartphone photo of your card and email it to yourself for backup in case the original goes missing during your travels.



What's Happening in Your Destination?


Before booking a trip, research your destination and accommodations, and plan in advance for any testing and vaccine requirements.


If the hotel or local transportation authority requests or requires masks in common areas, for example, bring a few extra in your carry-on in case you get separated from your checked bags. Your favorite hotel booking app may score you a great deal, so by all means use it, but also check the hotel's official website for advisories on safety measures, too.


Likewise, if you'll be meeting with groups of people or spending time in crowded places, keeping a spare mask may come in handy if you encounter companions who aren't vaccinated. As always, courtesy is a key component of good travel, so don't forget to pack yours.



Plan Your Itinerary with Care


The hospitality industry is experiencing staff shortages across the board, and some restaurants, tourist attractions and recreational spaces may operate under limited hours or need to close unexpectedly.


For this reason, you may want to book your itinerary in advance and have some contingencies in mind as things shift.


Most importantly, prepare to practice empathy and generosity with frontline workers who carry your luggage, serve your meals and show you around.



Pack Smart


Even if you're traveling to a locale without a mask requirement, you should keep one at the ready if concierge staff, drivers, tour guides and other hospitality workers request them. The same is true of roadside attractions if you're driving.


Bring hand sanitizer if you prefer, and whatever personal effects you might need, in case of temporary limitations on amenities like daily housekeeping, turndown and room service. Outdoor dining is more popular than ever, so pack that sunscreen along with a wardrobe suited for sunshine and open breezes.


It's never a bad idea to tote snacks and extra entertainment options (books, podcast downloads, live and on-demand TV apps on your devices, etc.) in case of delays at the airport or train station. Be sure to brush up on current TSA baggage restrictions if it's been a while since you last flew the friendly skies.



Lean Into Tech Tools


It's natural to feel nervous about venturing away from home for the first time in a while, so ensure your peace of mind by using the Cox Homelife to lock your doors from anywhere or set up a scene to mimic activity in your home while you’re away.


You can also tap into Cox Wifi hotspots on the road and access your favorite shows on the Contour app, keeping entertainment at your fingertips.



Wherever the road takes you, you can rest easy knowing you've prepared for the new normal — and everything's secure at home. Happy travels!


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