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Managing Scenes With Cox Homelife


Cox Homelife automations allows you to control all your Homelife smart devices automatically. There are two types of Homelife automations, Rules and Scenes. Scenes let you control multiple devices at once, but must be manually activated.

Follow the steps below to create a scene to control your Homelife smart devices.


Sign in to the Cox Homelife mobile app.


From the Overview screen, tap the Automation menu.

image of scenes with hl


From the Automation screen, tap the Create Scene button or the + icon.

Note: If you are attempting to rearrange My Scenes on the Overview screen, refer to Reordering My Scenes in the Cox Homelife App.

Image of Create Scene icon


On the New Automation screen, a list of ideas displays to get you started. To create a new Scene, tap Create Custom.

Image of Create Custom


The screens walk you through each step to setup a new Scene. As an example, follow the steps below to set up a Bedtime Scene.

  1. From the My Scenescreen, tap Add Device to begin adding your devices and how they will function.

    Image of My Scene, Add Device screen

  2. For your Bedtime Scene you may want to select the following devices and actions.
    • Lights- turn off the lights and smart plugs
    • Thermostat- adjust the temperature
    • Door Locks- lock the doors
    • System- set the alarm to Night
  3. After selecting all of your devices and actions, tap Save.

To create a name and icon for your Bedtime Scene, complete the following steps.

  1. Tap the blue pencil / edit icon next to My Scene.
  2. From the Edit Scene Details screen, in the Scene name field, enter Bedtime.
  3. In the Select an icon section, tap on the icon you would like to use for your Bedtime Scene.
  4. Tap Save.

    Image of Edit Scene Details screen

From the Bedtime Scene screen, tap Save.

Image of Save button


To activate the Bedtime Scene, complete the following steps.

  1. Tap on the Automation menu.
  2. From the Automation screen, tap the Bedtime icon.
  3. A checkmark displays over the icon to indicate the Scene has started.

    Note: Scenes cannot be manually deactivated. Each Scene runs until another Scene is activated, a Rule is triggered, or the devices that are active in your Scene are manually adjusted.

To edit a Scene, complete the following steps.

  1. Tap the Automation menu.
  2. From the Automation screen, in the My Scenes section, locate the Bedtime Scene icon. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the Scene icon.

    Image of 3 Dots Icon to Edit

  3. From the Bedtime Scene screen, edit the actions you would like to change or tap Remove from Scene to remove the action from the Scene.
  4. Tap Save.

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