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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Top 10 LGBTQIA+ Shows and Films

June 18, 2020

Happy Pride Month!

Editor’s Picks | By: Kennith Everett

Pride parades all over the globe have been canceled due to the effects of COVID-19. Though we are not able to celebrate in proximity to each other, we can still celebrate together. Plan some digital watch parties and check out my top-10 LGBTQIA+ shows & films. 

10. Grace and Frankie 

Grace and Frankie (Netflix) 

I’m sure you remember this show being featured in the 10th spot on my “Top-10 Binge(able) TV Series” article. The husbands of Grace and Frankie end up divorcing their wives and marrying each other. It’s a quirky plot line and definitely fun to watch. It’s only so low on the list because the gay characters in the show are more supporting characters than main. 

9. The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson (Netflix) 

This documentary follows activist, Victoria Cruz, as she probes into the suspicious and sudden death of her friend Marsha P. Johnson. This title is poignant because it explores the deaths of trans women of color and the general lack of support these members of society have. I would recommend a glass of wine when watching! 

8. We’re Here 

We’re Here (HBO) 

Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela and Eureka O’Hara travel around the country to small towns and put willing participants in drag in this unscripted docu-series by HBO. The series is still in its first season and every single episode I have found myself crying. It’s an unique look into the parts of society that we often neglect to think about and what queerness looks like when in parts of the country it’s still not as accepted. 

7. Dear EX 

Dear Ex (Netflix)

Welcome Back, “Dear Ex!” This was number 9 on my list from last month’s article “Top-10 Shows and Films to Celebrate APAHM (The Correct Way!)” if you haven’t read it yet I definitely recommend! Dear Ex, co-directed by Mag Hsu & Hsu Chih-yen, is a wonderful film that explores the dynamism of relationships in Taiwan. The film explores LGBTQIA+ identity and the bond between a teen and his father’s lover. As a winner of the 55th Golden Horse Awards for “Best Film Editing,” I would prepare a tissue, or two, before I sit down to watch.

6. Sex Education 

Sex Education (Netflix) 

This show has a plethora of diversity and plenty of representation for the queer community. The main character, Otis, and his gay best friend, Eric, are a great example of what modern friendships can be. This show explores so many dimensions of sexual identity and it’s very inclusive when doing so. I definitely recommend watching! 

5. Holding the Man 

Holding the Man (Netflix & Amazon Prime) 

This film is beautiful. It takes place in Australia in the 70s and it follows two teen boys who fall in love. They are together for 15 years and then they are devastated by some news. I think this film does everything right and towards the end it becomes harder to watch but I recommend sticking it out and let the journey guide you. 

4. The Fosters 

The Fosters (Freeform) 

This show lasted for 5 seasons and it worth all the time I spent watching. It’s a family drama that follows an interracial lesbian couple and their large family through the process of adoption and all the other drama that comes along with having a house full of teenagers. The show feels fresh and though I’m sad it wasn’t renewed, luckily we can watch it over and over again. 

3. Latter Days 

Latter Days (Tubi & Amazon Prime) 

The main characters are battling their sexual identity and their mormon faith. This movie is technically a good movie but what the film lacks in budget it makes up for in plot and charm. It’s an interesting watch and it explores an aspect of queer identity that many people could be able to relate to. 

2. Moonlight 

Moonlight (A24)

How amazing this film is! “Moonlight,” is really one of the first movies that have dared to explore queer identity in the black community. The story feels authentic and not so much like fiction but as if the viewer is looking into the private life of a real person. This character exists in the world in many forms and I can’t begin to describe the impact this film will have on you. 

1. Boy Erased 

Boy Erased (Amazon Prime) 

This film is hard to watch, not because it isn’t good, but because even if this story isn’t necessarily yours, you can relate to it in some way. There are moments where you forget to breathe when watching and when you let out that breath the tears are soon to follow. The relationship between the main character and his mother is beautiful and after watching this it made me want to home my mom too! 

To check out all of my editor’s picks make sure to say “Pride On Demand” or “You Better Work” into your Contour voice remote. 

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