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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Tips for Throwing a Great Super Bowl Party (with Kids)

January 27, 2020

The biggest game of the year can be a big night for kids, too.

The beginning of February beckons that annual, highly anticipated sporting event that is the Super Bowl. Football fans eagerly look forward to the big game, of course, but even non-football fans can be drawn into the fun of the food, the half-time show and the commercials. 

According to Statista, consumers spent nearly $15 billion on Super Bowl-related purchases in 2019, which amounts to a whole lot of nachos and wings. There are gatherings all around the country to celebrate the big game, and it has become a fun way to enjoy the biggest football game of the year with family and friends. The Contour Sports app gives the football fans in the group the perfect opportunity to stay on top of all the player and game stats in real-time. 

Even though the game is on in the evening, and on a Sunday night no less, here are a few ways to make it a fun event for kids as well. 

Sign Center: Set up a table with posterboards and markers, and the kids will keep busy by making signs for whichever team they are rooting for. Even better, the finished product will be used throughout the game to cheer on their team. 

Sweeten the Game: Another fun kids' station can be a cookie decorating station. Simple sugar cookies that can be purchased at any grocery store do the trick. If you want to be even more ambitious, a football-shaped cookie cutter will result in fun sugar cookies they can decorate with their team colors. 

Three Cheers: Split kids up into groups of two or three and have them each come up and even choreograph a different cheer. Kids will love showing off their creations to parents and turning it into a mini talent show at the same time. 

Say Cheese: Divide a few disposable cameras among the kids and have them be event photographers. It will be fun to see the snapshots from their point of view, as well as having great mementos from a super party. 

Score card: Print a simple grid off the internet (search 'printable Super Bowl squares') assign one team to the Y-axis and one to the X-axis, and then fill in each axis with numbers 0-9, in random order. Then have all the kids fill their names into all the squares within the grid. Whichever name corresponds with the matching numbers at the end of each quarter will win a prize, either a small toy, some coins, or a treat. 

The Super Bowl is all about the food, the ads, and of course, the game itself. With a little extra effort, the little ones in your group will enjoy the biggest football game of the year as well. Score!

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