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10 TikTok Families You Should Follow Right Now

June 18, 2021

These awesome families on TikTok are guaranteed to brighten your day and even provide some life lessons.


TikTok during the pandemic has evolved from a platform for teens and young millennials to showcase their dancing talent to one that features their parents and family members sharing funny — and sometimes touching — life moments.


As moms, dads, kids and even the family dog have gotten in on the action, #family has surpassed the 80 billion views mark. With the summer break coming, TikTok families everywhere will undoubtedly amp up their activity even more.


While my teen has roped me into a dance challenge or two, I prefer to leave it to others to supply the instant laughs and entertainment. From a comical father-daughter duo who loves car karaoke to a family of six singing superstars, I've rounded up some of the best TikTok families to follow right now. So keep scrolling down to find out who made the list.



1. The Holderness Family


Kim and Penn Holderness and their kids from North Carolina shot to fame on social media thanks to their #Xmas Jammies video that has more than 15 million views. The Holderness Family now creates hilarious video spoofs and singing parodies about every aspect of parenting you can imagine. Not only will each 15-second clip make you laugh your head off, they also show that we're all in the same boat when it comes to parenting.


2. The Kabs Family


The Kabs Family is a British TikTok family with an impressive 1.4 million followers. Their popular videos offer a mix of comedy sketches, challenges and my favorite — car karaoke. There's nothing cuter than watching adorable toddler Maliya singing or sometimes telling dad Tay Kabs what's what — and his bemused reactions.


3. Team2Moms


Team2Moms is a multicultural family with three lively kids who create funny clips, dances and challenges that provide endless entertainment. Ebony, Denise and their youngsters have a huge following on TikTok and use the platform to inspire other LGBTQ parents.


4. Cargo Shorts Dad


Dad TJ and super cute, always smiling daughter Kylee, who is deaf, have almost 3 million followers on their TikTok channel. Cargo Shorts Dad features funny, heart-warming videos of their antics as they learn ASL together.


5. SharpeFamilySingers


This singing family of six is a powerhouse of talent. The videos on their hit TikTok channel showcase their vocals and include plenty of TikTok challenges with hilarious results. The SharpeFamilySingers also happen to have their own live show, which they perform at venues across the U.S., and have released an album. Daughter Samantha Sharpe also competed on "American Idol."


6. Daddyseang


It will be hard not to fall in love with dads Sean Gannon and Spencer Parker and their three beautiful, young children who make up Daddyseang. This TikTok family's mission is to spread love and positivity, and inspire the LGBTQ community through uplifting vlogs with lots of singing and silliness.


7. Mmmjoemele


Joe Mele, who started his TikTok channel Mmmjoemele in 2019, now boasts a whopping 13 million followers. His rapid rise up the social media ladder is thanks to the goofy videos featuring his dad, Frank, who is the victim of a multitude of pranks and jokes.




If you're looking for ideas for your kids' lunch boxes, you'll love Sulheejessica — Jessica Woo (aka Bento Box Mom) and her angelic-looking crew of three children. They share fun videos of easy bento box creations for picky eaters, as well as summer vacation vlogs and other family-friendly content.


9. TheWilliamsFam


TheWilliamsFam is a talented, four-brother team who lives in Los Angeles and has risen up the TikTok ranks, now amassing some 3.6 million followers. These social media stars choreograph awesome dance moves and create playful videos, which are guaranteed to impress.


10. Family Booms


If you're in need of some comic relief, check out Family Booms, featuring a mom and two daughters who enjoy getting creative with their videos. This trio has been making waves on TikTok as a result of their countless comedy skits, pranks and challenges that come with great special effects.



Are you and your family on TikTok? It might only be a matter of time before you become the next social media stars to go viral.


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