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7 Things the First Day of Spring Means

March 11, 2020

Bring on the better weather and longer days.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. When the flowers begin to bloom and the days are a bit warmer, you can’t help but feel the energy shift around you. Here are seven things the first day of spring brings.  

1. Spring Break 

After working hard all semesterkids deserve a break from school. Between the months of March and April, be prepared to see students – from grade school to college – roaming around town. While spring break was originally meant for Easter celebrations and relaxation, TV has made it about going to the beach, playing games and attending parties. Many college students will also take the opportunity to travel. Just like birds migrating toward warmer weather, expect to see them flocking to sunny destinations around the globe in the spring.  

2. Cherry Blossoms Bloom 

Many flowers, plants and trees will bloom in the spring, but among the most beautiful to witness are cherry blossoms. Every year, the National Park Service issues a prediction about when they will be in full bloom. What makes a cherry blossom bloom so special? It’s short lived. Once these stunning flowers come into bloom they only last about 2-3 days before shedding to the ground. And they’re a vision of pink you won’t want to miss. 


3. New Season Premieres 

Spring means new series premieres. Watch all your favorite TV shows as they air with Contour TVWhether you want to catch the second season of The Act on Hulu or the series revival of 30 Minute Meals on the Food Network, you can see it all as they premiere on your TV or stream them from virtually anywhere with the Contour app. Many shows go on hiatus during the winter, but when spring comes there will be plenty to watch.  

4. March Madness 

College basketball is in full swing from March 17 through April 6That means viewing parties, lots of chicken wings and renewed reasons to sport your favorite team’s jersey. Get an even closer look at March Madness action by creating a bracket. Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, brackets are a great way to get involved and possibly win some money. Besides, rooting for your favorite teams keeps things exciting. With a sports package from Cox, you’ll be able to have all your friends over to watch the games live from your living room.  

5. Animals Emerge 

Many animals go into hibernation over the winter months and then reemerge in the spring, often with offspring. If you’re a nature lover this a great time to see birds migrating home, butterflies in abundance and bumblebees going back to work collecting pollenYou can also find ducks waddling around a pond with their ducklings, squirrels running up and down trees and frogs croaking in the night. It’s safe to say Mother Nature does her best work in the spring.  

6. Longer Days   

For a few states, springing forward means changing clocks to make better use of daylightDaylight Savings Time began on March 8 and ends on November 1. What may feel like an hour less of sleep is actually just more time to enjoy the day. Which means getting home in time to catch the sunset, take the dog for a romp around the park or play a round of volleyball with some friends. One hour really does make a difference!  

7. Better Weather 

With the worst of winter behind you, the sun seems to shine a bit brighter as the weather gets a little warmer. That makes spring the perfect time for outdoor adventuresWatch live weather reports to find out what days are best for an outdoor adventure. Peel off a few layers and head out to hike, camp and run. If you’ve been stuck inside all winter playing video games, now is the time to get out and explore.  

Spring is calling your name. Stop and smell the roses, enjoy the wildlife and start something newIt’ll be winter again before you know it.  

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