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CONVERGE | Entertainment

5 Super Bowl Party Must-Haves

January 31, 2020

Throwing a Super Bowl party? Check out five things that will up your game.

Are you ready for the Super Bowl, aka, the biggest sports event on cable TV. If you plan on hosting a party that day, you’ll want more than a bag of chips to keep everyone entertained. Find out how to step up your Super Bowl party game with these 5 must-haves. 

The Setup

When it comes to watching a live event, seating is important. Don’t expect guests to be happy with standing room only. Stock up on folding chairs to ensure everyone will be comfortable and have a place to sit. For the best setup, if you're able, try mounting your big screen on the wall and there won’t be a bad seat in the house. Unless of course your cable package doesn’t include the game. If you’re a Cox customer, you can add a sports TV package to ensure access to the entire event live. 

All Things Football

Football-themed decorations and accessories are a must for any great Super Bowl gathering. Game day party ideascan include anything from cups to napkins to party favors and more. Make pom-poms out of streamers and give your guests another way to cheer their team on. Put food out on makeshift turf placemats and serve the dip out of a football-shaped dish to keep things festive. And don’t forget to hang up a game day banner and pass out mini foam fingers to really get the party started. 

Interactive Games

Whether your guests come to watch the game, eat the snacks or just to check out the halftime show, get everyone in on the fun with a few Super Bowl party games. Trivia, matching games including pairing teams with their mascots, or encouraging guests to judge each commercial are great ways to get people to interact. Games like pin the football on the wall or a simple ring toss keep kids entertained as well. Just because you’re watching TV doesn’t mean you have to sit on the sidelines. 

The Food Menu

Game day is as much about the food as it is about football. When it comes to a perfect Super Bowl spread there’s only one rule: no utensils required. Finger food is a must when guests are sitting around a TV trying to enjoy the game. Avoid spills and messy cleanups by keeping the snacks simple. The Food Network recommends things like chicken wings, cheese boards and sliders.  

The Beer and Cocktail List

Nothing gets the party going like libations. While a pitcher of beer pairs well with any football event, why not take things up a notch? The Food Network has a variety of cocktail recipes that your guests will love. Put a new spin on traditional concoctions by incorporating team colors and favorite sport drinks. Instead of your typical margarita, try Gatorade margaritas, Jell-O shots or frozen beergaritas. No matter which team wins, you’ll be sure to score some points with these drinks on the menu. 

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t just about football, it’s a party that everyone can enjoy. Catch the game, halftime show and over-the-top commercials on the Fox Network on February 2. Cox subscribers can watch the game live on cable TV or stream it from virtually anywhere with the Cox Contour app. 

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