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Songs of the Summer

September 02, 2020

My top-10 songs for summer 2020, powered by Music Choice.


Though times are looking different that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop…with active social distancing and mask wearing of course! Music has a funny ability to take you away and make you forget about the here and now so I have compiled a list of some of my top picks to listen to this summer. Luckily all of these titles are available on Music Choice right from your Contour box. 


10. Summer Walker- Come Thru


This record is nostalgia with a fresh and new spin. Summer Walker, still rather new to the scene, took Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna (1997)” and created something fun for a new generation. When I first listened to this song it felt like such an homage to 90s RnB while still maintaining the “turn up” of new age music! 


9. Tank and the Bangas- Nice Things 


Tank and the Bangas is a group that you must watch live! Though this song was released in 2019 it still feels relevant and vibes the same in 2020. This group from New Orleans is very reminiscent of one of the queens of neo-soul, Jill Scott. Their performances are fun and quirky and just a perfect addition to any playlist. If you have the chance make sure to watch them perform on NPR’s Tiny Desk


8. Lauv- Tattoos Together


Oh, how I love Lauv. His music is a breath of fresh air! This track is no different. He addresses real situations in a classically Pop way but it still feels uniquely him. “Said I’d never fall, I’d never fall, I’d never fall, but then I fell for you…(Tattoos Together)” I’ve been there Lauv, and even if you haven’t take a listen and you’ll understand. 


7. Teyana Taylor- Wake Up Love


Teyana Taylor has had quite a big few years in music since her collaboration with Kayne West in his hit song, Fade. Since then she has been creating music sonically above trend. “Wake Up Love,” featuring her husband, Iman Shumpert, is no different. The song feels fresh and ethereal, really forcing the listener to experience the love they are conveying to each other in the record. 


6. Iyla- Cash Rules


Iyla is still considerably an up-and-coming artist but what a way to make an entrance than with silky rnb vocals and a feature with Method Man? “Cash Rules,” is an homage to the original song, “C.R.E.A.M.,” by the Wu Tang Clan, the group Method Man was a member of. The new song, of course, is a different journey but still somehow feels like an authentic story being told. Definitely worth a listen… or two!


5. Lady Gaga- Stupid Love


It’s Lady Gaga, nothing more has to be said! She is back to her, “Born this Way,” roots. “Stupid Love,” feels like a love letter to a younger Gaga and just as trendy as it was almost a decade ago. This song would have been a perfect song to dance to at the… dare I say it?…club. But nevertheless, a living room or an echoey bathroom can get the job done as well!


4. Tones + I- Dance Monkey


This song has become a phenomenon of sorts because it truly feels as though the song and the artist went viral overnight. I’m not sure where “Dance Monkey” places in regard to category or simulatory to other songs but that’s fine not everything requires comparison. This song is definitely one thing though… a whole lot of fun! 


3. J. Balvin- Que Pretendes


J. Balvin and Bad Bunny are a duo made in heaven. “Que Pretendes,” is track 4 from their debut project together, “Oasis.” Sitting right in the middle of the project it’s truly a perfect song. Reggaeton has made a resurgence in pop culture and Balvin and Bunny sits on top with this song. When he said, “¿Qué pretendes tú llamándome a esta hora? (What do you want calling me at this time),” I felt that!


2. Dua Lipa- Don’t Start Now


Dua Lipa has been having a fun time cruising in the charts with hit after hit. “Don’t Start Now,” is no different than the others. Though this record is considerably more traditional pop than the Euro-Crossover that “New Rules,” the song that put her on the map was. This song is fun and definitely establishing her as a force that’s going to stick around. 


1. Sam Smith & Demi Lovato- I’m Ready


Sam Smith and Demi Lovato what a vision. I never envisioned this duo and I’m sad I didn’t because wow! “I’m Ready,” is quite a song, sultry vocals from both Sam and Demi then the power hits and you can’t help to move your body. This song is a journey and it’s a ride you definitely don’t want to miss. 


If you want to check out my favorite songs on Contour just say “Music on Demand,” into your Contour voice remote and find these hits powered by Music Choice in the “Editor’s Picks” row. 


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