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6 Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts that Won't Break the Bank

February 14, 2020

Here are some affordable ways to show your loved one you care.

Love doesn’t come with an expensive price tag, and neither should your Valentine’s Day gift. This year, make a lasting impression with six romantic presents that won’t break the bank. 


1. A Custom Canvas Print 


A picture is worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t have to be worth your entire paycheck. With a custom-print canvas, choose your favorite photo or memory and have it printed in the size of your choosing. Depending on the dimensions and where you purchase it, a custom-print canvas can cost as little as a week’s worth of coffee or your weekend brunch. These simple gifts are also convenient if you’re looking for a last-minute gift or don’t have time to face crowds at the mall. Simply place your order online and pick it up at your local pharmacy or stationery store. 


2. A Homemade Meal 


If food is the way to your loved one’s heart, consider cooking their favorite meal or find inspiration from a cooking magazine. Whether you opt for a fancy steak dinner or deluxe mac and cheese, what matters most is that you took the time to prepare it and chose a dish with them in mind. Not only will you save money on prix-fixe restaurant menus, but you can also make an entire night of it. Invite your valentine to get involved in the cooking process — be it chopping or stirring. You can also take a page from your favorite cooking competition TV show and nominate them to be the appointed taste-tester or judge for the evening. Are your cooking skills up for the challenge? 


3. A Hand-Written Letter 


While writing letters may be considered old-school, they never really go out of style. Start by finding the perfect card at a local store, or let Pinterest spark your creative genius and make your own at home. Then put pen to paper and share some of your favorite moments together like a trip you took or a night spent watching movies on the couch. While not every Valentine’s Day card has to be treated like wedding vows, it’s a way to show your appreciation for your loved one — so make your words count. 


4. A Box of Beloveds 


Start with an empty box; perhaps an old shoebox or the packaging from your latest Amazon delivery. Then, fill it with items like their favorite candy and coffee or their most-used candle scent and Chapstick flavor. Items don’t have to cost more than a few dollars and the rest of the box can be filled with tissue paper and a card. If you have extra time on your hands and want to add a personal touch, decorate the folded edges of your cardboard box with pictures or wrapping paper. 


5A Recreated Date 


Take a trip down memory lane and relive your favorite moments together. Visit the place you first said, “I love you,” or recreate your first date. Watch the same movie from your couch and re-make the meals from the restaurant menu. Connect your smart device to your home wifi to stream live performances from your favorite concert. Or reenact your trip the winery by picking five new varieties and step in as the bartender as you swirl, sniff and sip. 


6A Workday Lunch 


With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, skip the expensive late-night dinners and meet up for lunch. Many restaurants serve midday specials at a lower cost, which means you can still enjoy your favorite pasta and dessert, but without the crowds or higher price tag. If you don’t work close enough to each other or if you’re celebrating on the weekend, you can still opt for lunch. Pick up your favorite salads and enjoy them at the park, or grab some sandwiches for the road and explore a new city nearby.  


Whether you hand-write a letter or recreate your first date, special moments are priceless. Save money on your gift and spend time with the one who matters most. 

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