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Connection Stories

The Perfect Recipe to Lift Essential Workers’ Spirits This Holiday Season

December 04, 2020

When they can't go home, you bring home to them.

With COVID-19 infections on the rise, holidays will feel very different this year. Especially for healthcare workers, who help others fight through sickness while sacrificing in-person time with their family and friends - the risk of exposure simply too great. 

And like so many others, they also battle feelings of isolation and the loss of their former day-to-day lives that included hugs, parties and simple pastimes...like a shared meal.

In this film, we surprise three nurses and connect them with their parents over a shared experience that tastes like home. A meal that fills their hearts, as much as it fills their stomachs. “Full of Love” is part of a larger initiative we call The Connections Project – our way of providing human connection where it’s needed most.

We ask that you join us in thanking the brave healthcare workers for the endless sacrifices they’ve made, and for helping fight COVID-19 on the front lines every day. #FullOfLove

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