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CONVERGE | Entertainment

7 Movies to Watch for Your Quarantined Halloween

October 26, 2020

Want to celebrate Halloween safely? Check out these movies for a quarantined fright night.


Halloween might not look the same this year, but you can still celebrate by hosting a frighteningly fun movie night. Whether you're looping in your crew via video chat or inviting members of your COVID-19 “pod" to your living room or front porch, you can have a scary good time screening any of these flicks.


For Kids




Based on the children's book by Neil Gaiman, Coraline is a visually stunning stop-motion film in which our pint-sized heroine finds hidden passages that whisk her away into a fantasy life. Thirty-five animators working for the stop-motion studio Laika worked for over four years to painstakingly animate the Halloween classic. It's worth a watch for your special spooky night.




Another beautifully animated stop-motion movie, the Tim Burton-directed Frankenweenie features a pup that comes back to life with the help of his 10-year-old human, Victor Frankenstein. Off-kilter in the way that only Burton can achieve, this black-and-white Disney flick is sure to color your Halloween.



Everyone's favorite friendly ghost comes back for this 1995 edition of Casper, co-starring Bill Pullman and Christina Ricci (who also portrayed the eerie Wednesday Addams in "The Addams Family" films). Originally making his first appearance in a 1939 children's book, the ghostly Casper saw his fame rise in his 1960s animated series. This '90s feel-good classic proves that he's timeless — and most importantly, not too scary for little ones.


For Teens and Tweens


The Goonies


It's got a creepy “whodunit" plot, it's got romance and it's got a soundtrack by '80s musical maven Cyndi Lauper — what's not to love about The Goonies? While it might technically be geared toward the tween/teen set, the flick will also resonate with adults for nostalgia reasons, too.




The 1984 original version of Ghostbusters is an enduring classic for a good reason. Starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Sigourney Weaver, this comedy strikes the perfect balance for Halloween. There are ghosts and hauntings, of course, but not the kind that are likely to haunt your dreams once the party is over. (And if you want a modern twist with a female-fronted cast, you can also check out the 2016 edition.)


For Grown-Ups




What Halloween would truly be complete without a viewing of the eponymous movie? In this 2018 revamped take on Halloween, Michael Myers is back 40 years later to terrorize Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) yet again. It received mostly high marks from critics, too, many of whom viewed it as the best of the franchise.


The Wretched


Are you up for watching a supernatural-themed, hair-raising movie that might keep you wide awake later? Then you will want to check out The Wretched, which traffics in possession, witchcraft and the like. Settle in for some solid special-effects and good old-fashioned gore (don't say we didn't warn you!).


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