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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Modern Family Series Finale: Reflecting on the Good Times

April 08, 2020

One of TV's most beloved families is saying goodbye, but the lessons they’ve taught us have made a lasting impression.

After 11 seasons of laughs, love and life lessons, Modern Family is set to air its series finale on April 8 on ABC. During its decade-long run, the show has won over 100 TV awards and endless praise—all for good reason. Each episode illustrated challenges between families, friends and community, depicting the relatable realities of present-day relationships. Here are a few lessons we’ve all learned from Modern Family.  


There’s No Love Like Family 


Love is love, but there’s no greater love than family—whether it’s the one you’re born with or the one you gain along the way—and we’ve seen that firsthand between the Pritchetts and Dunphys. Think back to Season 1 when Phil and Claire first met Dylan, Haley’s childlike boyfriend who we quickly discovered is much like Phil. It didn’t take long for them to recognize their similarities, and Phil soon accepted Dylan much like his own. We saw a similar scenario when Jay stepped in as the father figure for Manny when his biological dad bailed on their trip to Disneyland. The moral of the story: don’t take family for granted because they’ll always be there to support you—or in Dylan’s case, help raise your twins. 


No Two Families Are the Same—Nor Perfect  


Conflicts are normal, disagreements are expected and stereotypes are meant to be broken. Modern Family taught us that no two families are the same, and that the differences are what makes each one unique. From same-sex marriages and adoptions to working mothers and stay-at-home dads, the show was one of the first to embrace family diversity on national television when it aired in 2009.  


Gloria defied assumptions that she was only after her much-older-husband’s money. Mitchell and Cameron legally tied the knot and adopted a Vietnamese daughter, and Haley stood her ground against going to college, despite what her parents believed was best. With each family facing different challenges every season, the Pritchetts and Dunphys showed us that families are neither the same nor perfect. 


Age is Just a Number 


Between parents who act like children and students who speak like teachers, the characters taught us that age doesn’t define you. Manny showed us that even kids can exude intelligence. Phil proved that you never have to lose your childlike sense of wonder—or fun—just because you become a husband, parent or grandparent. And, Gloria and Jay demonstrated that love has no age limit. From the first season to the last, each character discovered that it’s never too late in life to grow from your challenges. 


Be Yourself 


You don’t need to be the “cool” parent or the popular kid in school to live a life of happiness. The characters of Modern Family learned to be their own unique selves, even in the face of ridicule and opposition. Cam loved being a clown, Phil embraced his inner cheerleader and Alex loved being the band nerd—regardless of how much her party-loving sister tried. Every character discovered that you can always be your true self with family. In the words of Gloria; 


“It’s scary to let people see the real you, even when these people are your own family. But aren’t they the ones we should be least worried about? The ones who will love us without judging, who forgive our faults and celebrate our imperfections, maybe even encourage us to let our true selves shine through.” – Gloria Pritchett 


With the final season coming to a close, these lovable characters are sure to leave us with a few lasting lessons. Don’t miss the series finale of Modern Family on April 8 on ABC. 


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