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Making Every Day Earth Day

April 21, 2022

Even the smallest changes every day can help protect our environment.

Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22, and there's no better time to try to incorporate small actions into you daily live to help make our planet a better and more sustainable place.

There are many ways you can adopt more Donating, handing down and borrowing instead of buying clothing and other items can help, too.

Turn Off the Tap

The steady drip from a small water leak in your home can add up across an entire community, so take care to repair leaks and drips around the house. 

These steps can also help: 

- Use water-efficient appliances. 
- Try to reduce your time in the shower.
- Don't leave the water running while washing dishes or brushing your teeth. 
- Try not to run the dishwasher or washing machine until you have a full load. 

These practices align with Cox's own goal of becoming carbon and water neutral by 2034.

Look at Reusable Energy Options

Electricity alternatives like solar power and other green-friendly energy providers, such as hydro or wind power, have become more mainstream and offer an easy way to make your energy consumption more sustainable. 

You can also improve your energy habits by keeping your home well-insulated and sealing up cracks around windows and doors, so you don't have to crank up the heat or AC. A smart home hub can also reduce your energy use by allowing your smart devices to work more efficiently via your wifi network.

At Cox, we're adding hybrid and electric cars to our fleet, refurbishing and reusing electronics, and volunteering thousands of combined hours with local community partners, such as American Rivers, Ocean Conservancy and Keep America Beautiful. We're also providing incentives to employees who install solar panels on their homes.

Use Eco-Safe Cleaning Products

Look for eco labels on cleaning products  that denote EPA certification or "Green Seal" verification. These household products are better for the health of your family and the environment and typically work just as well as traditional cleaners.

Travel Smarter

Can you walk the kids to school instead of driving them? When you run errands, can you park the car once and walk among your various stops? Whenever and wherever you can, walking from point A to point B or riding a bike offers the win-win of providing your daily steps and being eco-friendly. Or consider taking the bus or train, or carpool, so there are fewer vehicles on the road.

This April 22 and always, think about how you want to leave the Earth in better shape for future generations. Join us in making every day, Earth Day.

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