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7 Ways to Save Energy This Summer

July 10, 2021

Stay cool and reduce your carbon footprint.


1. Eat Al Fresco


Ceviche, summer salads and a yummy gazpacho—eating fresh is a great way to beat the (oven) heatwaves and save energy. Using kitchen appliances not only raises the temperature in your house by at least 10%, but they can also consume additional energy if you’re forced to turn on the air conditioner to stay cool. Avoid the oven and prepare fresh meals that don’t require heat. Or, stay out of the kitchen altogether by grilling outside or dining out. 


2. Close Your Blinds


In need of a new home improvement project? Hanging up some new curtains or shades for your windows can give your home an upgrade that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. A good set of drapes can prevent the sun from turning the inside of your home into a greenhouse. Closing your blinds or curtains is a good way to keep the heat out without using any energy.


3. Fan It Out


During hot summer days, a fan can be your best friend (and your wallets). Running a fan all day and night is significantly cheaper than using your air conditioning unit. However, it only moves the air in the room around, rather than changing the temperature. For those unbearable summer days when you need of a cooler setting, lower the temperature throughout the house by pairing your fan with the AC. The two together will allow you to set your thermostat four degrees higher, which in turn helps you save energy. Just remember to turn off both units when you leave the house.


4. Use Home Automation


There’s nothing worse than getting all the way to work and thinking, “did I leave the AC running?” During the summer, you may have multiple devices, appliances and fixtures running. With home automation, leaving something on isn’t an issue. Use a device like Cox Homelife to create a routine that coordinates with your schedule. You can program your virtual assistant to turn off your smart lights, thermostat and anything connected to a smart outlet.


5. Do Chores the Old-Fashioned Way


While dishwashers, washing machines and dryers offer convenience, they can also be energy monsters that generate a lot of heat. You can help cut back by waiting until you have a full load to run your dishwasher or wash your clothes. Keep the temperature inside the house down by using only cold water for washing and avoid using the dryer altogether. After washing, hang your clothes up to dry. They’ll be dry in no time during the hot summer heat—without consuming energy.


6. Seal Your Home


Insulation doesn’t just keep you warm in the winter; it can also keep you cool in the summer. Preventing air from escaping is the best way to keep cool air in and warm air out. Before summer hits, dedicate a day to caulking and weather stripping windows and doorframes to save around 30% on energy costs.


7. Switch Out the Lights


LED lights are a great energy-efficient lighting option for your household. If you’re still using incandescent light bulbs, it’s time to make the switch. LED lights use up to 75% less energy and can last 25 times longer than the average light bulb. Better yet, you can control smart LED lights from virtually anywhere using your smart device. That means no lights are left on when not in use, saving you energy usage and expenses. 


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