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7 Lessons Millennials Learned Growing Up with Danny Tanner on Full House

March 08, 2022

Remembering Bob Saget through his role as Danny Tanner.

Growing up in the early ‘90s often meant rushing home to binge watch hours of Full House, the show  that secured Bob Saget a spot in our hearts as an iconic TV dad. Danny Tanner was a man full of heartwarming moments, valuable life lessons and a cleaning tip, or two. While the original show ended in 1995, Saget returned to share his wisdom with a whole new generation in the Netflix reboot, Fuller House. In honor of his passing, let’s recap some of the wonderful lessons we learned through his most memorable role. 

1. You Can Be Anything You Want To 
One of the best things Danny ever told his youngest daughter was, "See, Michelle? Joey's a boy and he can do ballet. And you and Aunt Becky are girls and you can build cars. As long as you're not hurting anybody, you can do anything you want to do." Danny didn’t believe in restricting his daughters to society’s gender roles and encouraged them to explore all their passions, even if that meant doing what was considered outside the norm. 

2. A Tidy House is Important
There’s no denying that the key to Danny’s heart was a clean house. His family motto was, “Clean is good, dirt is bad.” He made sure cleaning was a family activity through assignments on the chore chart and calendars with everyone’s weekly duties. Everyone from Uncle Jesse to baby Michelle had a role to play, which made for a united family dynamic. 

3. Always Make Time For Fun
Amongst all the chaos of raising three daughters and keeping a clean house, Danny knew how to have fun too. He always made time to go on Michelle’s random adventures and jam out with the boys. Equipped with dad jokes and silly dance moves, Danny was a super cool dad (even if his daughters never admitted it).

4. Never Go to Bed Angry
Among the many hats he wore as a single father, Danny was really good at playing mediator. As anyone would expect, a full house came with its fair share of arguments and disagreements. However, Danny made sure conflict was handled quickly and always settled with a hug. 

5. Me Time Is Important, Too
Even with the help of Uncle Jesse and Joey, Danny was heavily relied on by everyone in the house. That often meant his personal life took a backseat. However, over time he learned that the key to a balanced life was making time for yourself too.  

6. Looks Aren’t Everything
During an episode where DJ struggled with her body image and went on a crash diet to lose weight, Danny took the opportunity to teach his daughter about what truly matters, your heart. He told DJ that life isn’t about looking like a super model, but about being a good person. 

7. The Best Thing We Can Do Is Listen
There is no doubt that Danny was one of the best dads in sitcom history. Despite having to raise three girls on his own and working full time, he always made sure everyone got the attention they deserved. Even when his kids were doing something he didn’t approve of, he never lost his ability to relate to what they were going through. He understood that the best way to express love was to listen. 

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or want your kids to experience all the wonderful lessons taught by Danny Tanner, you can stream all eight episodes of Full House on HBO Max via Cox Contour TV and Contour Stream Player. You can also enjoy Fuller House on Netflix to get even more Danny knowledge from the loving actor who played him, Bob Saget. 

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