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The Latest in Smart Tech for 2022 and Beyond

January 21, 2022

Here are some of the latest tech tools to make your home smarter, and often, more fun.


Each year, CES, the high-profile consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas, is the spot to discover the latest in smart tech.
The 2022 event, held Jan. 3-5, wowed real world and virtual attendees with everything from cars that can change their color in an instant to robotic animals that "nibble" on your finger. And while those head-turning showcase pieces may not ever come to the marketplace, there were plenty of gadgets making their debut that will be available soon.
Here's a selection of the some of the most unique smart tech devices for your home and personal use:
PlayStation VR2
When: Later in 2022
Sony's PlayStation 5 is already one of the most sought-after game systems on the market, but its next generation, virtual reality headset is likely to set a new standard. The PS VR2 will feature enhanced controls and 4K HDR visual fidelity. It will also utilize eye tracking and haptic feedback to heighten the sensation of in-game action. Sony also plans to give PS VR2 a boost through one of its biggest gaming franchises — Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a new entry in the series, will be built exclusively for the system.
Samsung Free
When: Preorder
Samsung's new Freestyle is a projector, smart speaker and ambient lighting device all rolled into one device that lets you stream high-quality video anywhere you want. Adding to its portability: It's super lightweight, weighing less than two pounds.
Liteboxer VR
When: March 3 for Oculus Quest 2 users
Liteboxer has turned heads with its interactive, home boxing workout system. In 2022, the company is offering a virtual option, letting you join trainer-led workouts in a game-like experience for a monthly fee. Hand tracking measures the strength and form of your punches and an agreement with Universal Music Group means you'll have a deep catalog of new music and classic hits for your workouts.
Invoxia Smart Dog Collar
When: Summer, 2022
Call it an Apple Watch for your dog. The Invoxia Smart Dog Collar utilizes artificial intelligence to monitor your puppy's health. The sensors in the collar track respiratory and heart vitals, detect anomalies in behavior and alert owners and vets to potential health issues. As if that weren't enough, it also has GPS tracking, so if your dog is a backyard escape artist, you'll always know where to retrieve them.
Sony BraviaCam
When: Later in 2022
You'll find cameras and camera attachments for many TVs in this video-conferencing age, but Sony's latest BraviaCam is different. The new camera not only lets you control your TV with gestures but it also uses proximity sensors to determine if someone is sitting too close to the TV and remind them to move farther away. The BraviaCam will even black out the screen if the person who's too close doesn't shift to a more optimal distance.
If you use it in conjunction with Sony's Bravia TV, the device can dim your set's picture if you leave the room, saving you energy.
Alienware's Nyx Concept
When: TBD
Alienware's Nyx is still in the concept phase, meaning it won't be available in the near-term, but it's still intriguing. PC maker Alienware showed off this high-end gaming device that would allow a single PC to stream games to virtually any screen in your house. For example, players would be able to play for a while at their desk, then pick up exactly where they left off on their living room TV.
It would require a powerful PC (and strong WiFi), but another possible use of this technology is to use one computer to run up to four games on various screens throughout the house.


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