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What is wifi 6?

Wifi has become an essential aspect of everyday life. From households to businesses, we rely on it for many reasons. The higher the demand, the better the wifi has to be, which is why it’s constantly evolving to be faster, stronger and more reliable. As a result, wifi 6 is now available as the next generation in wireless internet. Learn all about it, including how it can improve your home network.

Wifi 6 is the new standard for high speed wifi. It’s also referred to as the sixth generation of the 802.11ax wifi standard. Wifi 6 was proposed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) in order to take the high speed of gigabit ethernet wireless and combine it with the reliability found in licensed radio. It’s an upgrade from past generations of wifi with a number of improvements made to better the performance of your home network. It offers higher bandwidth, faster speeds and more scalability.

Is wifi 6 worth it?

Wifi 6 provides a significant upgrade from past generations of wifi, offering faster speeds and a more reliable internet connection for your wifi-enabled devices Residential homes in heavily populated urban areas often experience slow wifi due to internet traffic. Wifi 6 is equipped with technology to help improve performance during peak internet hours within your home network by handling congestion more efficiently.

Since it requires less power on your devices, wifi 6 may extend battery life and helps save on replacement costs. Furthermore, wifi 6 offers better security to help protect your data and information. Wifi 6 is WPA3 certified and offers robust encryption algorithms and updated key management for a stronger defense against cyber-attacks.  

Wifi 6 speeds

Wifi 6 offers faster upload and download speeds for a variety of online activities, including video calls, streaming, web surfing and downloading large files. Here’s how wifi 6 speeds compare to past generations:

  • At maximum potential, wifi 6 can reach speeds up to 9.6 Gbps, while wifi 5 maxed out at 3.5 Gbps. Keep in mind your home network may not reach these top speeds due to your service tier, equipment speed, internet congestion, and the number and capabilities of the devices connected to your wifi.

  • Wifi 6 offers up to 75% less latency by managing network traffic more efficiently. This means maximum speeds for streaming or online gaming, depending on your network. Online gamers may also want to consider technology that reduces ping and jitter, like Elite Gamer from Cox.

  • Wifi 6 brings wired and wireless signals closer together, so you can enjoy the flexibility that comes with a wireless connection without sacrificing strong connectivity.

Wifi 6 range

You can expect a better range with wifi 6 than with past generations. You’ll notice the difference in performance, especially at close range. However, in order to take advantage of these improvements, you’ll have to use equipment designed to support wifi 6.

Cox Panoramic Wifi Pods support wifi 6 technology, and these wifi extenders can help your wifi reach all areas of your home and reduce dead spots.

Wifi 6 devices

In order to take advantage of everything wifi 6 has to offer, you’ll want to consider using devices and equipment that can support this new technology. Here’s what you’ll need:

Wifi 6 router

If you have an older router, you’ll want to upgrade to a wifi 6 compatible router. Your service provider should have a selection of wifi 6 routers for you to choose from. You can compare prices, features or try out a mesh system. In general, upgrading your router now will better equip you for any future wifi updates.

The Cox Panoramic Wifi router is built with wifi 6. Plus, when you rent the Panoramic Wifi modem, you get free upgrades to ensure your home wifi network is always using the latest technology.

Wifi 6 mesh system

Improve your wifi connection throughout your entire household with a mesh network system equipped with wifi 6. This network system places wifi extenders throughout your house for whole-home wifi coverage for better streaming, gaming and downloads no matter where you are in your home.

Cox customers with Panoramic Wifi can add one or more Panoramic Wifi Pods to ensure you’re receiving the fast speeds offered by wifi 6 throughout your whole home.

Wifi 6 phones

Check to see if your current smartphone supports wifi 6 speeds. A compatible phone should allow for up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) to reach the maximum speeds offered by wifi 6 (speeds are also limited to the internet speeds you subscribed to). Take advantage of the higher speeds and bandwidth offered with wifi 6. 

Ready to experience wifi 6? Cox is here to help.

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Super fast wifi with wall-to-wall coverage for your entire home.

Panoramic Wifi Pods

Wifi extenders to reach all areas and reduce dead zones.

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Solve the most common wifi connection problems.