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Kick Back and Relax this Labor Day Weekend

September 03, 2020

All work and no play? Not this Labor Day Weekend.


Labor Day weekend signifies two big things: a day off and the end of summer. Either way it’s a cause for relaxation. In 1954, Labor Day was created as a way to honor the hardworking people of America. Whether you have your nose to the grindstone to support your family or chase your dreams, take some time to relax this Labor Day Weekend. 


Treat Yourself


When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? If it’s been awhile, then today is the day. Put a face mask on. Hit some golf balls. Take a trip to the beach or your backyard (whichever is more accessible) and do a little sunbathing. Get started on that passion project you’ve been putting off. Part of the reason you work so hard is to enjoy the life you want. The good news is you don’t have to wait until retirement to do so. On Labor Day, give yourself the go-ahead to do the things you love. 


Order Takeout


Cooking only leads to dishes in the sink and washing dishes is work. Get out of the kitchen and order out for your favorite restaurant instead. With most businesses offering meals to go due to the pandemic, it shouldn’t be difficult to find an assortment of good eats around your neighborhood. Get a whole spread for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Include appetizers, sides and dessert. Don’t forget to pick up a specialty drink to wash it all down. Then go home to enjoy it around the kitchen table or have a picnic in your backyard. 


Binge Watch TV


Whether you prefer to watch cable TV or stream your top shows, there’s plenty of good entertainment available these days. Catch up with your favorite characters from the comfort of your couch or dust off the projector and have an outdoor movie night. If you’ve already seen everything that’s on HBO or Netflix, explore new streaming services such as Peacock. You can even watch some of your favorite content outside at a local park by downloading the Cox Contour app on your phone. What’s better than good TV? Being able to watch it anywhere you want. 


Spend Time with Your Family


Time seems to go faster and faster as we grow up. Which means every moment that you get to enjoy quality time with your loved ones should be cherished. Work, chores and everyday life often cuts into family or friend time. This Labor Day, put everything aside to enjoy being together. Whether you’re watching TV or playing a board game, quality time doesn’t have to involve some extravagant plan. As long as you’re together it will be time well spent.  

Don’t Lift a Finger


When you’re a hard-working person used to doing a million things, standing still can be difficult. The dishes probably need washing, floors could use mopping and the dog wants attention. The work never seems to end, even on days off. However, Labor Day was designed to give you time for yourself. Remember that it’s okay to disconnect sometimes and just do nothing. If you must get something done, make sure it’s something you enjoy like singing loudly, dancing in the kitchen or playing with your kids. Wherever it takes you, enjoy your day off!


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