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Connection Stories

Band Together

November 08, 2021

Who says rivals can’t be friends?

18 months into a pandemic that has halted sports seasons internationally, we have reason this year to celebrate a return to sports. And a renewed appreciation for the ability sports have to bring communities together in a shared enthusiasm few other public events can.

The fans, the passion, the love for the game and for the heroes it creates – there’s a solidarity in our admiration for sports, no matter which team you support. It’s a unity and a way forward together we can all value at a time when divisiveness has crept into every corner of society.

That’s why Cox brought two rival high schools together through their marching bands as proof that there can be unity, even amongst rivals. The two bands from Putnam City, Oklahoma set aside their differences and created a halftime show - set to the song “Why can’t we be friends.” The performance bridged a decades old rivalry, and the “Band Together Band” as they are known, became a symbol of unity in Putnam City, featured on ABC and Fox news affiliates and already being tapped for future performances.

It’s a reminder to us all of the connections we share and a demonstration that we all go further when we march together.



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