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CONVERGE | Entertainment

How to Help Your Parents Make the Best of Social Distancing

April 14, 2020

Simple and fun ways to show them they're not alone.

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected to the people you love. But for the cheek-pinchers and huggers of the world, this new normal of social distancing can be extra tough. Here are four tips to help your aging parents feel connected while staying at a safe distance.

Start a photo stream

Grandparents are always asking for more pictures of the kids. Create a shared family photo album on iCloudGoogle Photos, or Amazon Photos and make a commitment to add one new photo a day. Get your kids involved in the creative process with homemade props and costumes.

Create a playlist of music from their teen years

Studies show that listening to your favorite music stimulates the brain’s pleasure circuit, which makes you feel good. Surprise your parents with a walk down memory lane by creating a playlist of songs from the decade when they were teens. According to U.S. News & World Report, a healthy dose of nostalgia can boost your mood, improve relationships, and trigger inspiration.

Make memories and cookies

They say it takes a village to raise kids. And these days, parents are wearing more hats than ever as they juggle working from home, care-taking and keeping up with their kids’ education. Ask your parents to help by teaching your kids how to make their famous cookie recipe (or whatever they're signature recipe may be!). You can purchase all the ingredients with a grocery delivery service. Then set up a video call in your kitchen and have your parents walk the kids through each step. This is a great way to make some memories and eat them too.

Call just to chat

Just one call, one text or one video chat a day can help your aging loved ones feel less lonely. While sharing stories over the phone or on video chat isn’t nearly as cozy as catching up on a couch together, it’s a good substitute when you can’t be in the same room. 

Practicing social distancing isn’t the only thing we can do to keep each other safe. Now is the time to reach out and check in with each other. Share your stories about how you use technology to stay connected to the people you love using #OneCallADay on social media.

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