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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Homelife Cameras Catch Family Dog on Easter Egg Hunt

March 26, 2018

See what happens when Mason’s owners check their Homelife cameras while out at Easter dinner.


By: Stacie Schaefer

The Easter Bunny may hide the Easter eggs, but Mason the dog finds them!

Last year, while enjoying Easter dinner out, the Benner family returned home to see their dog Mason tucked in his bed – along with most of the plastic Easter eggs that were hidden in the home! A quick check of Cox Homelife Continuous Video Recording showed that Mason had spent his evening finding the eggs throughout the house and placing them all in his bed, before curling up with them. Adorably busted!

Did you know Homelife offers 24-hour video recording and storage for up to 10 days on HD cameras? Find out what antics your fur babies are getting away with while you are out of the house.

Check out the video to see what else the family caught Mason doing while they were away!

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