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Happy Birthday, Harry Potter: 5 Ways to Honor the Boy Who Lived

July 26, 2021

Fancy a butterbeer or a game of quidditch? These are just a few ways to mark the Chosen One's birthday.


Believe it or not, The Boy Who Lived is about to turn 41. That's right — Harry Potter's birthday is on July 31.


Ever since Hagrid presented Harry with a slightly squished birthday cake on his 11th birthday, the world has been watching this notable wizard. While we would all love to attend one of Professor Slughorn's legendary dinner parties in honor of our beloved hero, some of us can't find the time (or the address).


Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate — here are five fun ways to honor Harry on his big day:



Make Your Own Butterbeer


Everyone knows that the best place to grab a butterbeer is at The Three Broomsticks (it's much cleaner than the Hog's Head Inn). But the Hogwarts Express only leaves from Platform 9 3/4 once a year, and Hogsmeade is otherwise pretty hard to find. Not to worry— now you can make Harry's favorite pub drink in the comfort of your own home. You'll feel like you're in one of Snape's potion classes as you brew this delicious magical beverage — perfect for a cozy night at home or for entertaining your muggle friends.


Hold a Horcrux Treasure Hunt


When Harry stabbed Tom Riddle's diary in the Chamber of Secrets during his second year at Hogwarts, we all knew there were darker forces at work. What we didn't know was that the diary was actually one of seven Horcruxes — objects concealing a part of Voldemort's soul. You can help Harry find all seven by hosting a Horcrux treasure hunt. You can make your own, or follow these simple instructions, complete with a printout. Great for kids or adults, individuals or teams, this party game is sure to bring out the niffler in all of us.


Host Your Own Quidditch Tourney


One thing that's nice about a summer birthday — you can usually celebrate outside. Why not take your wizard-loving friends and head to the nearest field for a rousing game of quidditch? That's right — Harry's favorite sport makes a great party game. All you need are a couple of brooms, dodgeballs and hoops.

Watch this video for a quick tutorial, then break into teams and assign roles, like Seeker or Beater. One extra fun tidbit — in the muggle version, the Snitch is a real live person who runs around the field trying not to get caught!


Create a Magical Bake-Off


The Harry Potter canon certainly doesn't lack for sweets. From the jelly slugs at Honeyduke's and the towering desserts in the Great Hall, to the trolley on the Hogwarts Express and the Christmas goodies at the Weasley's, yummy treats are everywhere. Harry's birthday offers the perfect excuse to organize a magic-themed bake-off.


Try making Pumpkin Pasties or Harry's personal favorite — mouth-watering Treacle Tart. You can even attempt the birthday cake that Hagrid brought to Harry in the very first movie. Assign recipes to your friends or have everyone choose their own — then vote on the best tasting, best-looking and/or most creative offerings!


Plan an HP Movie Marathon


Another great way to celebrate Harry's birthday is to spend some quality with the Chosen One himself — by watching his movies. Luckily, all eight film are available on Peacock (free to all Cox video subscribers) and Cox On Demand. Grab your popcorn and pumpkin juice, and buckle in for a night of entertainment with your loved ones.



At the end of the day, that's what the Harry Potter series is all about: friendship, family and choosing love over all else.


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