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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Blindside Your Fantasy Football League with Contour’s Sports App

September 25, 2018

Are you a Fantasy Football fanatic? So are we. And with the Contour Sports App, we have you covered. 



Depending on where your NFL team falls on the spectrum of the Cleveland Browns to the New England Patriots, your fantasy football team may be by far the best team you’re cheering for every Sunday. The problem is that the players on your team are spread across the entire NFL, which likely has you checking multiple scores on your computer or phone every five minutes instead of paying attention to the live games you want to watch. That’s less than ideal.

Which is why Cox’s Contour’s Sports App gives you immediate access to stats and scores right on your TV so you’re not constantly switching between three different devices to keep up with how your favorite players and teams are doing. You can view the app on screen alongside the game or anything else you happen to be watching, in case your favorite quarterback’s third interception of the day (*cough* Eli Manning *cough*) causes you to switch over to a cooking show in frustration.

You’ll have quick insight into which players are performing best, giving you a leg up on grabbing unsigned players from the waiver wire before someone else gets to them first.

Pulling up the app is simple and can be done in one of three ways:

  • Pressing the C key on your Contour voice remote
  • Telling your voice remote to “show me the sports app”
  • Clicking the Contour button, scrolling to Apps, then heading over to Sports, clicking OK, and then exiting twice to get back to your TV viewing.

Regardless of how you activate it, the app will run on the right side of your TV screen and updates in real time – no need to constantly refresh. It’s like having your own personal scoreboard.

Start using the Contour Sports App and before you know it, you’ll lead your league in points and know the exact right moments to trash talk your opponents before they even realize they’re losing. That’s what we call #winning.

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