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5 Essentials for Your Game Day Tailgate at Home

November 10, 2020

Turn your home into the ultimate game day space.

While you might not be able to tailgate outside the stadium this year, you can still celebrate the football season at home. Turn your home into the ultimate game day space with these five essentials for a successful celebration.


1. Food


There’s a reason why food is always at the center of every good tailgate. You’ve got the grub-is-greater-than-football fans who come for the snacks and good conversations, and you’ve also got the my-team-is-down-by-one-point-before-half-time fans who stress-eat to prevent an uproar. Both equally important attendees with the same need for a tasty spread. That’s why finger foods are the perfect solution for guests who have their eyes on the game or are bouncing between conversations. They can quickly grab sliders, wings, chips and pretzels without diverting their attention from the thing that matters most. Just remember, when it comes to food, more is always better.


2. Kitchen Appliances


All good tailgates have a distinct smell. You know the one—that hypnotizing aroma of buttery buns that pair so perfectly with those charcoal-kissed burgers. That’s why no tailgate is complete without a grill to cook all of your favorite foods—be it burgers, hot dogs or plant-based alternatives. But, not everyone has an outdoor space to fire up the grill. Luckily, you can just as easily keep it cooking on the stovetop and create that same smell you know and love. If you plan on serving a hot buffalo chicken dip or pulled pork sliders, consider purchasing a slow cooker as well, which can make your game day prep (and clean up) even easier.


3. Sports Attire


Wearing a jersey to a tailgate is like wearing sneakers to the gym, it’s pretty much a non-negotiable. It tells your fellow houseguests which team you support and which player you’re cheering on. Not to mention, it’s an easy choice that will save you time picking out an outfit. If you’re going to be in the kitchen for most of the game, don’t forget that your apron is free real estate as well. Choose a simple>


4. Entertainment


You don’t need music to host a good tailgate—the stadium sounds and cheering from your guests will be the soundtrack to your party. But, one thing you will need is a large TV for the football fanatics and a subscription to the right sports channels so they can watch live TV without worry. As for everyone else, you can’t go wrong with classic games like cornhole, Kan Jam or horseshoes. If you’re indoors, opt for card games like Cards Against Humanity or Uno for the kids. Just remember that food can only keep the non-football fans occupied for so long, so you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of entertainment to keep them happy. 


5. Decor


It’s not a tailgate without football decor that tells everyone exactly where you stand. Whether it’s a Raiders banner or a Patriots flag, dress up your space for the occasion. You can even go the extra mile with football cups or a field table runner. Best of all, you can reuse most of your decorations for another football party, saving you money the next time around.

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