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Editor's Choice: Top-10 Binge(able) TV Series

April 02, 2020

Shows to pass the time during self-quarantine

Editors Choice | By Kennith Everett

We are definitely sailing in uncharted waters trying to navigate how to experience a sense of normalcy while all doing our best to flatten the curve. Luckily, things get a bit easier when you have some content that can offer an escape from the reality of the moment. If you are in search of a welcome distraction from prime-time news, search no longer because I have compiled a master list of my Top-10, most binge(able) series I have ever watched. 

So gather your quarantine snacks, grab a roll of toilet tissue to clean up any messes and pull the sofa a bit closer to the TV! Just say the name of any of these TV shows into your Cox voice remote to pull up the different ways to watch. 

10. Grace & Frankie | Seasons: 6 

Grace & Frankie (Netflix)

Grace and Frankie has made it to six seasons on Netflix and it’s no wonder why! This show follows two fabulously not so senior women navigating their lives post marriage. This show has a plethora of wholesome moments and enough quirk to make you laugh for hours!

9. The Magicians | Seasons: 5

The Magicians (SYFY)

The Magicians is a show that is bound to take you to another world “wink wink.” The show is based off of the novels titled “The Magicians” by Lev Grossman. The show is not far removed from a world similar to Harry Potter. It’s a series filled with magic and alluring fun but this series is not without its dark side. 

8. Travelers | Seasons: 3

Travelers (Netflix)

Travelers is a Sci-fi with a different take then the previous show, The Magicians, we are talking about time travelers meets body snatchers. It’s a show that deserves its points for creativity. I think this show is easily completed in a weekend plus a day if you’re dedicated. Rest assured, you’ll love every second of this action packed and well developed storyline. 

7. Santa Clarita Diet | Seasons: 3 

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)

Two words: Drew Barrymore! She’s hilarious, this show is a real knee slapper and spoiler alert… it is about zombies, BUT this show is as close as you can get to a comedic zombie flick since, Shaun of the DeadDrew’s character, Sheila, had a perfect life with her husband Joel and now she’s the walking dead, no relation to the prime-time AMC show, follow the weird and quirky adventures of her and her husband for three seasons!

6. That ‘70s Show | Seasons: 8

That ’70s Show (FOX)

Flash back to the 90s then blink a few times and you’re in the 70s. That ’70s Show is an easy watch. It’s funny, emotional and everything you need to get through a period of boredom. The craziest part of the entire serious is that two of the cast mates are married now. 

5. Nurse Jackie | Seasons: 7 

Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Nurse Jackie is a medical drama that will keep your heart racing. You find yourself wanting her to just be great, and though she is great at her job she’s a perpetually flawed character and I think that’s what makes this show so great to watch. It’s a beautifully orchestrated train wreck waiting to happen and you won’t be able to look away. 

BONUS|| Tales of the City: Limited Series 

Tales of the City (Netflix) 

Tales of the City is a 10-episode limited series that takes place in San Francisco that follows Queer youth in the process of self discovery, awakenings and romance. This show is definitely able to be finished in a weekend but it’s filmed with such purpose that you find yourself wanting to ingest every moment and pace yourself though the binge. Also LGBTQIA+ representation! 

4. Orange is the New Black | Seasons: 7 

Orange is the New Black (Netflix) 

This show is every emotion you think you can experience, and more, packaged into a nice frumpy orange jumpsuit. The series tends to focus on a different perspective each season which is refreshing when you are spending all your time bingeing it. Definitely a must watch of the last decade. 

3. Lucifer | Seasons: 4 + Season 5 coming soon 

Lucifer (FOX)

Lucifer is another Sci-Fi hit, are you seeing a theme? The show follows the devil, yes the literal devil, as he explores his innate humanity on Earth. This show is a bit odd in the sense that it’s a Sci-Fi yet also somehow a cop show as well. Definitely, a great show with dynamism and some magic along the way. 

2. Vida | Seasons: 2 + Season 3 in April 

Vida (Starz)

Vida, from Starz, is a show that is a creative revolution. This show embodies everything Femme, from the film crew to the on-set staff, the show shows the complicated life and relationship between two Mexican-American sisters as they move back to their old neighborhood in Los Angeles. The show explores the complicated identity of second generation Latinx’ers. There is LGBTQIA+ representation and plenty of Spanglish to fill your heart’s desire. 

1. House, M.D. | Seasons: 8 

House, M.D. (FOX)

House, M.D. is my all-time favorite show. I have watched all seasons from start to finish more times than I would like to admit. This is a medical-drama that’s only compared to by the likes of maybe, Nurse Jackie. You’ll constantly be on edge and find yourself questioning that mole that just appeared on your foot. This show and all eight seasons will entertain you, and who knows, maybe Dr. House will come and save the day after all.

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