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How to Declutter Your TV Console and Clean Up Your Cables

May 04, 2018

If the back of your TV is a no man’s land of tangled wires, dangling cables and bulky equipment, it might be time to do some cleaning. Here are a few tips to help you declutter the space around your Cox TV console and clean up your home entertainment equipment so it’s not only Pinterest-worthy, but also safer and easier to navigate.

1. Label Everything

Raise your hand if you’ve tried to switch out cables behind your TV and gotten confused because you don’t know which wire goes to what (I assume everyone reading this is now raising their hand). If you’re tired of pulling on a cable to see what piece of equipment moves with it, invest in a small portable label maker. Labeling your wires is a boring, but a critical step that will help you keep you organized and make maintenance much easier.

2. Shorten Cables to the Right Length

One of the most common reasons cables become unmanageable is because they are many different lengths. A short cord might be pulled tight across the back of the TV while a long cord may be coiled up on the floor. Ideally each cord should be the correct length for each piece of equipment, but since you’re probably not going to buy a set of new cables, consider using zip ties or velcro ties to shorten your cords to the length you need.

3. Group Cords Together

Because speaker and power cords are often thinner or more flexible, they get tangled up in HDMI cables and other bulkier gear. One way to help solve this problem is to group like cords together. If a group of cords is all going in the same direction, use a zip or velcro tie to turn them from many into one.

4. Keep Bulky Equipment Out of Sight

Getting your cords and cables under control is a big part of beautifying your TV console, but you always have to think about your equipment. While cable modems and WiFi routers are essential, they’re not the prettiest pieces of equipment, so try and keep them out of sight if possible. One solution to keep this equipment hidden is to mount it to the back of your console on a hook or peg.

If mounting it isn’t an option because you have an open TV console, another creative option is to hide your modem and wifi router in a hollowed out book or a decorative box.As long as your guests aren’t too nosey, or suddenly get an urge to read Huckleberry Finn during parties, you should be able to keep the equipment hidden while also adding character and style to your decor.

5. Hide Your Power Strip

An especially bulky piece of equipment that often gets overlooked is the power strip. Here again, you can try mounting the power strip to the back of your console. If that’s not an option, there are many commercial box covers you can buy for a reasonable price. As opposed to a DIY solution like the modem and router, these box covers are a good option for power strips because they are properly ventilated and sturdy enough to prevent children (or curious adults) from getting into them.

With these tips in mind, you can turn the center of your living room into a chic and functional space to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies with Cox Contour, allowing you to spend less time connecting cables and more time making connections that actually matter.

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