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The Couple That Watches Together...

July 31, 2019

Binge watching is more fun where there are two of you.

Busy schedules and the constant drumbeat of activities can leave parents exhausted by nighttime. Throw in cooking dinner, cleaning up and getting ready for the next day, and it's a wonder that falling asleep during bedtime stories isn't a nightly occurrence (though it certainly can be a frequent one!). Even though the lure of sleep is strong, there is one compelling reason to stay up later together -- a good TV show. 

Ours happens to be Showtime's Billions. Many people have sung its praises to us, but with four seasons already under its belt, it felt too daunting to start from the beginning. We decided to give it a go, and it ended up being perfect. Not only because it's a riveting drama, but its four seasons presented us with an entire catalog of episodes waiting to watch on our schedule. 

With Cox's Contour, it's so easy to watch "our show" on demand, either at home or even on the road via the Contour app. We are not bound to a specific airtime, and we can watch one episode, or three, depending on how ambitious we are feeling. And it has also been fun to have an engaging show to accompany our near-nightly laundry folding. 

Anyone familiar with Billions knows it's full of twists and turns that leave you guessing and asking questions. So in addition to the quality time together while watching, the added benefit is having a fun Q&A period after each episode, pondering what will happen next. 

There are 48 episodes on demand and we have only gotten through a few, which guarantees many more Billions date nights in our future. When we inevitably get through all of them (and thankfully the show has been renewed for a fifth season), we will just have to find another show that becomes "ours" on demand. With Contour, it's easy to search, preview and find whatever that show is, especially with the voice activated remote. Even get recommendations based on shows like Billions or others we have engaged with in the past.

Spending together is important, whether it's a date night out or just watching a show at the end of the day. The benefit of the latter is that there is no need for a babysitter or spending money. Find a good show that you both love and discover the perfect way to get in quality time as a couple, and entertainment, too.

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