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The Best of YouTube: Videos You Don’t Want to Miss

Now that you can watch YouTube videos with your Cox Voice Remote, here are a few you should watch right now.

YouTube is a place where people all over the globe create, discover and share videos. With it, everyone can explore the content and creators they love, engage with their community, and see what the world is watching in categories like gaming, entertainment, food, beauty and more.

And with YouTube on Cox Contour, you can enjoy it all on the big screen with voice commands that make finding the videos you want super easy. Here are a few YouTube videos you should run inside (if you’re currently outside for some reason) and watch right now. Just be prepared to lose an hour or two of your life to sheer joy.

Ping Pong Trick Shots 3

One of the most wonderful things about YouTube videos (aside from making us laugh, learn and everything in between) is just how literal so many of their titles are. Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 doesn’t need much of an explanation to tell you what it is: The third video in a series that shows mind-blowing trick shots involving ping pong balls. And it delivers on that premise, with tons of unbelievable shots.

Do the obviously cool dudes in the above image successfully toss a ping pong ball into a cup they’ve taped to a flying frisbee? There’s only one way to find out. Use your Cox Voice Remote to watch this video by saying “YouTube, show me ping pong trick shots.”

People Are Awesome: Best of 2017

Speaking of having your mind blown, what if you could watch a video that had even more amazing tricks than the first one, except instead of ping pong balls, it showed off all manner of acrobatic and amazing feats that you’d usually only see at the circus? Well, you can. Look no further than the People Are Awesome series.

A good entry point for this long running series is their Best of 2017 video. Find it with your Cox Voice Remote by saying, “YouTube, show me People are Awesome.”

The Sport of the Future: Drone Racing

Have you ever heard of drone racing? If not, you’re seriously missing out. The Drone Racing League  brings the world’s best drone pilots together to fly custom designed drones in head-to-head races through world class 3D courses in iconic locations. Yes, it is absolutely as cool as it sounds.

YouTube is full of awesome drone racing videos just like this one. Use your Cox Voice Remote to find them by saying, “YouTube, show me drone racing videos.”

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