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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Best Social Predictions About Season 3 of ‘Insecure’

October 30, 2017

Season two of HBO’s coming-of-age hit Insecure is over, but we can’t stop talking about Issa and her friends as they continue to navigate—and usually, stumble through—love, heartbreak and self-discovery. With its realistic portrayals of women in the real world, Insecure is one of TV’s most hashtagged sitcoms. But you don’t have to wait until season 3 to watch and tweet.

Fire up your Cox Contour and check out 10 of our favorite social predictions for what’s next on season 3 of Insecure.

1. Mirror, Mirror

Some of the most honest and most memorable parts of Insecure have been when Issa speaks (or more accurately, raps) to herself in the mirror. It’s a great opportunity for her to have a monologue and share her real thoughts—those funny, sad and icky feelings—with the audience.

We are sure there will be more “mirror, mirror on the wall” moments in Season 3.

2. Music Vibes


Every week, Insecure has introduced viewers to incredible music from buzzy and new artists including SZA, Teedra Moses and Daniel Caesar. The soundtrack is airy, emotional and full of heartbreak; it’s so good that it’s become common to hop onto your favorite streaming platform after an episode airs to hear the tunes after the show.

The Insecure season 3 soundtrack will definitely provide more ear candy.

3. Molly + Dro

Molly finally found love last season with her childhood best friend Dro. Only one problem: He’s married. The two pursued a complicated open relationship that left Molly confused, satisfied and ultimately, heartbroken. Don’t let her willpower fool you, this fiery couple has undeniable chemistry and will likely reunite for at least one more steamy bathroom hang out.

4. Roommates…Or, Probably More?


Before, Daniel was an “itch” that Issa needed to scratch. At the end of last season, she moved in with him but insisted that she’s just going to sleep on his couch. Will these two stay friends with benefits (or more) or is that hella impossible?

5. Lawrence Gets Emo

Lawrence seems to genuinely like his coworker, Aparna. But can he deal with her romantic history all over their workplace? He already flared up once with jealousy and if his character is any indication, we’ll likely see an emotional reaction again in season 3.

6. Kelli Lives Her Best Life…With Laughs


We all need a friend like Kelli. She’s the life of the party and so fun to have around. Last season, we saw her running marathons and dating a new guy. We can’t wait to see her continue to live her best life and to keep us laughing with her.

7. Coworker Blues

Issa has been having issues at We Got Y’all since day one. With her coworker getting promoted to be her supervisor, expect some awkward conversations and even more awkward moments between the two.

8. Tiffany’s Little Secret


Everything Tiffany does is fabulous. Although she likes to portray a picture-perfect relationship with Derek, there have been predictions that she may have cheated on him. OMG. If this bombshell is true, this could turn her pregnancy (and friends) upside down.

9. Facebook Block

When Issa and Lawrence broke up, they blocked each other on Facebook. By the end of the season, he sent her a new friend request. Can exes really be Facebook friendly? With these two, there’s more likely to be more lurking and blocking.

10. Issa Finds True Love

Issa has struggled with finding real love since the start of Insecure. After two seasons of heartbreak, maybe she’s finally ready to find the man of her dreams who makes her feel anything but insecure about love.

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