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The 4 Best Indie Movies You Don't Know About on Prime Video

July 03, 2019

Interested in expanding your movie night repertoire? Here are four must-see indie films, all available on Prime Video.

It's Saturday night. You've got popcorn, ice cream, everything you need for a rousing night in. You're scrolling through movie titles…what's your go-to? 

Popular box office hits are always a safe choice, as they tend to be entertaining and accessible, and feature well-known actors. But@ some of the most captivating cinematic work is currently happening in the world of independent film. As indie filmmakers feel less pressure to appeal to the masses and “sell sell sell," their films tend to take more creative risks, which often leads to brilliant, evocative and unique storytelling. 

Here are some of our absolute must-sees, all currently available on Prime Video.

The Florida Project

In this edgy drama, filmmaker Sean Baker explores a side of Florida we've never before seen. The film follows six-year-old Moonee and her rebellious mother Hailey, who live week-to-week at a motel just outside of Disney World. As Moonee recruits new friends for her mischievous afternoon adventures, Hailey goes to dangerous lengths to provide for her daughter, often getting into confrontations with the strict yet warmhearted motel manager Bobby. This potent and poignant film provides a unique perspective on the innocence of childhood, set in a strange yet somehow familiar slice of America. 


By directors Adam and Mark Kassan, Puncture is an incredible edge-of-your-seat drama based on real events. Houston lawyer and drug addict Mike Weiss (a deliciously edgy role for Captain America's Chris Evans) meets a nurse who was pricked by a contaminated needle on the job and contracted HIV. While working the case, Weiss discovers a retractable needle that will greatly reduce the incidence of contamination, but no one will buy the needle. As Weiss digs deeper, he uncovers a widespread pharmaceutical conspiracy, leading to a high-stakes case and mounting pressure from all sides. An important film about the problems inherent in our healthcare system, Puncture is ultimately about having the courage to do what's right. 

The Handmaiden

Inspired by the novel Fingersmith, this cinematic gem by filmmaker PARK Chan-wook tells the scintillating story of Lady Hideko, a wealthy Japanese woman living on a secluded estate, as conman Count Fujiwara attempts to seduce her into marriage and steal her family inheritance. Fujiwara hires handmaiden Sook-hee to encourage Hideko to marry, but his plan goes awry when the two women fall into a romantic relationship of their own. An expertly-crafted story told in three parts, this erotic, wildly entertaining psychological thriller subverts expectations and leaves its viewers breathless. 

Short Term 12

Written and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, Short Term 12 follows Grace, a 20-something supervisor at a foster home for troubled teens. Grace tells her boyfriend and coworker Mason she is pregnant, but decides to leave him in the dark regarding the abortion she scheduled. As she bottles her emotions and goes to work, Grace can't help but get drawn into the chaotic lives of the kids she oversees. When she suspects a young girl's father of abuse, Grace is forced to face her own demons and deal with her present situation. Bolstered by an incredible performance by Brie Larson (Room, Captain Marvel)Short Term Twelve is a captivating story about the long road to healing.

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