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5 Daily Routines That Set You Up for Success

July 22, 2021

Success happens one step at a time – start with these tips.

The road to success isn’t always about making big moves. It’s about taking small steps that can lead to big changes. James Clear and Alfred Lin, a popular self-improvement author and venture capitalist, said “Reading 20 pages per day is 30 books a year. Saving ten dollars a day is $3,650 a year. Running one mile per year is 365 miles per year. Small habits are underestimated.” Here are a few small habits you can do today to improve your tomorrow.

1. Meal Prep

Meal prep is a small habit that goes a long way. Not only will it save you time, but it can help you eat healthier and budget appropriately. Look for new and healthy recipes at the beginning of each week. Pick your protein and veggies, then set some time aside for prep. Portion everything out into individual containers that make for an easy meal you can grab-and-go at the start of every day.

2. Exercise

We know what you’re thinking—between work and taking care of the kids (or fur babies), who has time to exercise? Don’t let time restrict you from putting your body into motion. In fact, you can easily incorporate family time into your daily exercise. Go for walks, practice yoga, dance in the kitchen together— just find a way to move. Our bodies aren’t meant to be sedentary. The better your body feels, the stronger you’ll feel both physically and mentally to conquer your day. 

3. Setting a Home Automation Routine

While you may not have someone to wait on you hand and foot, you can program your house to work for you. Create daily routines that work around your schedule with home automation. With convenient products and services, like Cox Homelife, your favorite song can wake you up and put in in a good mood.  Have the lights simultaneously turn on as the alarm goes off. You can schedule the coffee maker to start brewing and have the TV turn on so you can catch the morning news as you get dressed in the morning. When you coordinate everything to be right on schedule, you will be too.

4. Taking Time to Decompress

Taking time to stop and relax is just as important as taking action. Constantly being on the move or taking on too much can be taxing on your energy. Whether it’s taking breaks throughout the day or finding a moment to breathe at the end of the night, take some time to decompress. There is power in doing nothing, and that power can reboot your energy to tackle whatever comes your way.

5. Doing Something You Love

When your job and your passion aren’t the same thing, it’s easy to lose sight of the things you love doing. Even if it’s just for 30 minutes a day, make time to do something that makes you feel good. Whether that’s painting, writing, creating TikTok videos or practicing your handstand—do it. Time spent doing something that brings you joy is never time wasted. Plus, you never know where your talents may lead you. 

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