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CONVERGE | Entertainment

7 Facts You Never Knew About The Bachelor

November 20, 2018

Bachelor season is approaching. Get ready with 7 Facts you never knew about The Bachelor.

Bachelor Nation has no restrictions. Whether it’s a watch party with friends or an average Monday night at home, men and women alike gather to watch a season of drama unfold. So, why is The Bachelor franchise so popular after 16 years on the air? It’s the magic of reality-TV dystopias.  


Not to mention, the growing role social media plays in our desire to be plugged into live TV. As a competition, it’s easy to root for favored contestants (and condemn others). Thus, making Bachelor Fantasy Leagues even more thrilling.  


With the season premiere of The Bachelor right around the corner, we’ve rounded up some of the most shocking and outrageous facts you never knew about America’s favorite guilty pleasure. 


Pack Your Bags (Lightly and Quickly) 


After a grueling application process, contestants are chosen just two to three weeks before filming. In that short time, they must fit six weeks’ worth of clothing into two suitcases. If contestants forget to pack something, they’re out of luck.  


Some contestants turn to resources like Rent the Runway to assist with fashion emergencies (praise you, RTR), but for the most part, contestants live out of their suitcases. Quite literally. 


Off the Grid 


This may be the most shocking secret of them all. Upon arriving at the Bachelor Mansion, contestants are required to forgo their mobile devices and laptops. This means no texts, emails, social media - they’re required to completely disconnect from the outside world. In fact, most contestants quit their jobs prior to filming. As for bills that need to be paid? Auto-pay to the rescue. 


Assigning Roles 


Sometimes unbeknownst to the contestants, they’re each awarded a “role” by the producers. Just like your other favorite shows, there’s always a hero and a villain. Or in the case of The Bachelor, America’s Sweetheart and the 'one that has to go’ (*cough* Juan Pablo). Throughout the season, film and interviews are manipulated in post-production to portray these stereotypes. Thanks to the contestants’ seemingly bold and outlandish personalities, the show gains attention and viewership increases.  


Long Days, Longer Nights 


For the purpose of live TV, rose ceremonies last ten minutes. In reality, they can run for hours – sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning, with the first rose ceremony lasting until 7 a.m. The long hours coupled with unlimited cocktails and empty stomachs results in heightened emotions and a higher likelihood of tears. These producers know exactly what they’re doing. Which brings us to... 


Master of Tears 


Behind every emotional breakdown is a producer. From playing their favorite love song to fake crying along with contestants, producers travel to far lengths to elicit tears (literally). Limo drivers are even instructed to drive down the 405 until the producer generates TV-worthy tears from contestants who haven’t been given a rose. 


No Eating on One-on-Ones 


One-on-one dates - the golden trophy for any contestant. Whether they scuba dive in the Bahamas or jump off a 360-foot skyscraper in L.A., every date ultimately ends with a romantic tableside dinner. But, the food you see so artfully placed on the table isn’t actually for eating. In fact, the pair usually eats off camera beforehand and are then escorted to a candle-lit table for filming purposes only. 


The Aftermath 


So, what happens when the show is over and the rings are on?  


Winners finally have time to build a relationship. With only six weeks of filming and splitting time between the 30 contestants, the couple doesn’t spend much time together. This may be why 95% of The Bachelor relationships and 43% of The Bachelorette relationships end in a split 


But what about those gorgeous rings, you ask? If they do part ways before the two-year mark, the women are required to return their iconic Neil Lane diamond rings. If the couple ties the knot, ABC owns all rights to their wedding. Not to mention, the couple can make an extra six figures by having it filmed on live TV. 


Now that you’re clued into backstage secrets, fire up Contour TV from Cox and tune into ABC on Monday, January 7 at 8/7c to see if Colton can find love. 


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