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7 Bingeable Netflix Shows to Watch with the Whole Family

December 20, 2018

Our expert guide to new and returning Netflix favorites - happy bingeing!

Are you ready to find your next bingeable series on Netflix? Yes, that's a rhetorical question. It's time to gather your entire family around the TV and choose from one (or all!) of these  family-favorite series. The best part is that you can easily access Netflix and your other favorite apps all in one place with Contour from Cox. Just say "Netflix" into your Contour voice remote and voilà - the app launches

Here are some of our favorite Netflix series for the whole family - and the voice commands you can use to launch them, making your life even easier. Happy bingeing!

The Good Cop (TV-PG)

Who's the Good Cop? Tony Danza plays a dazzling, dapper-but-disgraced detective on probation and living with his 'by-the-book' son. Josh Grobin, is the NYPD stickler whose motto, “You break one rule, they all break," is in direct odds with his father's “rules were meant to be broken" attitude, especially when it comes to solving crime in the Big Apple. ​

The Good Cop ​is a fun watch for the family with young-teens or anyone who enjoys a devilish Tony Danza.

Voice Command: “The Good Cop”

Fuller House (TV-PG)

The whole Tanner-Fuller clan returns with a new season available now. Get caught up on the Tanner women and the irrepressible Kimmy Gibbler during 44 family-friendly episodes as enjoyable as the original 90's classics.

Voice Command: “Fuller House

Lost in Space (TV-PG)

Danger, Will Robinson, indeed! Almost constant tension launches viewers into the perilous world of the Robinsons — a family of space castaways, lost in an uncharted world facing dangers at every turn, including the dastardly Dr. Smith (Parker Posey). Interspersed with flashbacks, we learn the past and present about the high-stakes race for survival that prompted the resourceful Robinson clan to leave Earth. You'll get lost in the spectacular CGI world-building, worthy of the best movie franchises.

Voice Command: “Lost in Space”

Atypical (TV-14)

Sam is an 18-year-old high-school student on the autism spectrum, with a passion for penguins, encyclopedic understanding of Antarctica and a brand new desire to date. Set over the course of his senior year of high school, the two seasons of A​typical follow Sam and his family as they all embark on a deeply moving, always unexpected, expedition into the wild world of growing up.

Voice Command: “Atypical”

Kim's Convenience (TV-14)

One of Canada's most popular comedies, the incredible cast offers a complex take on the ups and downs of a Korean-Canadian family. The Kims' lives are centered around their corner store — a business which anchors their community yet fractured their family. The first two seasons are a humorous exploration of how love and communities grow and rebuild, with warmth and heart.

Voice Command: “Kim’s Convenience”

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV-14)

Kiernan Shipka stars as the eponymous Sabrina, the familiar Baxter High School student from Greendale. But this time, she's battling a new set of mad men: vengeful demons and angry warlocks.

More creepy chills than the campy comedy you might recall from the beloved sitcom; perky Sabrina Spellman is still set upon by teenage concerns and malicious other-worldly forces, aided by her two stoic aunts. Season one is currently available, as is the bonus 'holiday horror' movie, “A Midwinter's Tale," which dropped mid-December.

Sabrina is slated to return in April 2019 and, thanks to an overwhelming reception, has been renewed for seasons three and four.

Voice Command: “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

The Indian Detective (TV-14)

Don't overlook The Indian Detective when searching for your next who-done-it. 

Toronto's Fourth-Class Constable Doug D'Mello is having a no-good day: he's demoted and suspended after a drug bust goes wrong; his partner starts dating the handsome detective with 1% body fat and he receives news that his father is dying half-way across the globe. Arriving in Mumbai, Doug he finds his dad has been bragging about his son being “the world's biggest detective." That overstatement lands Doug into a new life — of respect, solving crimes and making a name for himself, with both cops and villains.

Voice Command: “Indian Detective”


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