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CONVERGE | Entertainment

10 #RealMoms on TV Changing The Motherhood Game

May 14, 2018

Modern TV moms represent real women in real life. Here are 10 of our favorite #RealMoms.



By:  Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Great moms have always been, and will always be, a part of television. Tune in today and moms on the small screen are no longer June Cleaver or Mrs. Brady. You won’t see idealized visions of a perfect homemaker in pearls and heels. Modern TV moms represent women facing real challenges, flaws and all.

Here are 10 #RealMoms changing the motherhood game (that you can watch on Cox Contour!)


Olivia Benson has been a tough but caring cop on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” for 19 seasons. Now a Lieutenant, Liv not only manages the squad that tackles ripped-from-the-headlines cases but she cares for her foster son Noah. She’s a tough mama, laying down the law at home. “Well, kiddo, looks like you’re stuck with me,” she tells him.


There’s no covert operation or government takedown that Carrie Mathieson can’t solve on “Homeland.” Her insane work life is only matched by her complex and entangled love life. She hooked up with former terrorist suspect Nick Brody and had daughter Frannie. Carrie’s work often takes her to the far corners of the world—- and has put Frannie in danger as well — and this season, she finally decides to share custody with her sister to give her daughter a more stable life.


It isn’t easy to stand out in the colorful cast of “Modern Family,” but Gloria Delgado-Pritchett has always been a scene-stealer with her outrageous outfits and sassy one-liners. Brimming with Colombian pride, she’s the over-the-top mom who’s always the life the party. Manny and Joe have an upbeat and fiercely protective mama on their side.



If there’s one word to describe Claire Dunphy, it’s worrier. As neurotic mom to Haley, Alex and Luke on “Modern Family,” she’s the mom who’s always on top of what her kids are doing. Or, she tries to be. She initially hates Haley’s boyfriend, wants Alex to loosen up and just plain worries about Luke. While Phil is the “cool dad,” Claire is willing to go to great lengths to keep tabs on her kids, from flying drones overhead to creating fake Facebook accounts to spy on them.


Darlene was a rebel as a child so it’s no wonder that her children are giving her a hard time on the reboot of “Roseanne.” Now an adult, Darlene tries to progressively navigate being a single mom to a rebellious teenage daughter and a child exploring gender identity.


Dr. Rainbow “Bow” Johnson is an anesthesiologist who doesn’t take herself too seriously. The daughter of hippies, she raises her children — Zoey, Junior, Diane, Jack and DeVonte Johnson — on “Blackish” with good humor and love. Her imperfect style of parenting is even going to be released as a book in May 2018 called Keeping Up With the Johnsons: Bow’s Guide to Black-ish Parenting.


Every woman in a queen in her family but only Queen Helena Henstridge is the Queen of England. In “The Royals,” Helena is the matriarch of a family of crazy royals who’s constantly trying to keep the crown afloat.


Queen Daenerys Targaryen is the mother of dragons. In “Game of Thrones,” she births three dragons that may help save the world. A stern but fair ruler, she’s inspires thousands. “I am Daenerys Stormborn and I will take what is mine with fire and blood,” she’s said. Her subjects believe she is their savior and the true heir to the Iron Throne, calling her “Mhysa” or mother.


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. In “Mom,” a newly sober single mom, Christy, tries to figure out her life while dealing with her equally flawed mother, Bonnie. They’re both trying to get their lives together and Bonnie is a work in progress. “It’s not easy to say this, but I lied to you guys. A lot. Even about stuff I didn’t have to. And I’m not proud about that,” Bonnie says at one point in season 2. “I mean, I’m proud of how well-crafted the lies were. Because, y’know, doing anything well is its own reward.”


Moms are known to be protective, but Cersei Lannister takes it to a whole new level on “Game of Thrones.” She’ll do anything to protect her family’s claim to the throne and that includes lying, cheating and cold-blooded murder. She’s obsessed with power and if there’s a conniving way to thwart her enemies, Cersei will find it. As she tells her brother, “Everyone who isn’t us is an enemy.”

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