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CONVERGE | Entertainment

10 Future Technologies From ‘Black Mirror’ We’re Obsessing Over

January 31, 2018

Warning: May contain Black Mirror spoilers!

Technology moves at light-speed. Netflix’s Black Mirror explores the innovative, pervasive and often dark side of a near-future world filled with artificial intelligence, smart devices and other surreal advancements. Season 4 of the dystopian anthology series arrived on December 29 and we can’t stop obsessing about what we see. Stream all 4 seasons with Netflix on Contour.

These 10 future technologies may soon be reality:

1. Way Too Immersive Entertainment

What’s better than watching your favorite TV show? Being an actual part of it. In the episode “USS Callister,” an obsessed sci-fi fan takes virtual reality to new heights when he recreates his favorite show with actual people he knows. Using DNA cloning, he forces his coworkers to join the cast and manipulates them as the crew of a space station that he mercilessly commands.

2. Virtual Space Exploration

The crew of the “USS Callister” eventually go through the wormhole and release themselves from the grips of their evil captain. Phew! This leaves them to explore space however they want. Virtual space exploration could allow everyone — not just astronauts — to experience the cosmos up close.

3. Memory Watchers

What do you remember? In the episode “Crocodile,” insurance claims are pieced together by conjuring up memories using a machine called a Recaller. Although this advanced tracker — which includes sights, sounds and even smells — appears like a great bookkeeping idea, strangers accessing your “raw impression of events” quickly derails into unwanted viewing. Just ask the hamster at the end of the episode.

4. Automatic Pizza Delivery


“Crocodile” is one of the darkest episodes of Black Mirror this season. One of the tastier technologies is the advent of an automatic, self-serve pizza delivery truck. Food delivery in an instant. Hot and fresh pizza with the push of a button.

5. The Perfect Match

Dating in the future goes far beyond swiping right for love. In “Hang the DJ,” singles sign up for service that promises to find your perfect match based upon user experience. How many terrible dates would you go through for true love?

6. Romance Expiry

New relationships can be nerve-wracking, especially when trying to figure out if a match is perfect for one date or for a lifetime. In “Hang the DJ,” we see a world where dating timelines are no longer a mystery. Predictive technology knows you better than you know yourself. From the very first encounter, daters can hit a button and be told exactly when a romance will end.

7. Get Out of My Head

Black Museum” features some of the most mind-blowing, emotional technology in the show. When a young mother loses her life, her husband decides to keep her digital soul in his head. What starts out as a way to let loved ones stay in touch with the deceased leads to constant bickering and in-fighting.

8. Soul on Display

The”Black Museum” is place where wayward technology is displayed for entertainment. The star is an innocent prisoner named Clayton, whose consciousness is digitally captured for amusement and profit. He may be just a digital imprint but for his family — and the visitors to the museum — the technology turns sad and destructive.

9. Child-Proofing Life

After nearly losing her daughter, a mother goes to great lengths to protect her in the episode “Arkangel.” The Arkangel service implants a chip in the child’s brain that live-streams her eyesight and enables the mother to track her. Plus, she can censor bad experiences through a real-world filtering system. The mother does this out of love but child-proofing to this extent leads to her daughter never experiencing the depth and emotion of the real world.

10. Robot Dog Attack

Autonomous robots like vacuums are a great convenience but what happens when they become so high tech and intelligent that they can hunt you down? In “Metalhead,” a woman in a post-apocalyptic world tries to flee these crazed robots, or “dogs,” and it’s utterly terrifying.

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