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Move Cox Service to a New Address

Moving can be hectic when you're juggling so many things and it's easy to forget to move your services to the new address. We've made getting started online fast and easy!

Move in 3 Easy Steps

move transfer progress move transfer progress
  1. We'll guide you through setting up your move online
  2. You'll have all of the right equipment and instructions during your move
  3. Install and activate your services via self or professional installation
Maximum Attempts Limited Accessibility

What do I do with my existing equipment?

Please bring all of your Cox equipment to your new residence (box, modem, wires/cables, etc). These will all be required if you are self-installing at your new location. In the event of a professional installation, this equipment will be necessary for installation or swapped for better equipment, if eligible. Make sure you also have any TVs, computers, etc. available in their respective locations in your new home.