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(800) 556-7709

Cox Homelife Care Hero featured with four devices
Girl holding shoulder of old lady and both looking together smiling

Stay fearless

The Homelife Care Medical Alert System is on call 24/7, giving caregivers peace of mind and seniors the confidence to live independently.

Less doubt, more doing

Homelife Care provides everything families need to feel as comforted as seniors  feel independent.


Safe and simple

Homelife Care is easy to use. We'll even set it up and teach you and your loved one how to use it.

Help Plus sign with blue green gradient

Help in many ways

Push a button, pull a cord, use voice commands or even let your fall detection pendant call for you.

Mobile with heart image in center blue green gradient

Homelife Care App

Schedule medication reminders and stay updated with notifications if your loved one calls for help.

No wifi icon with strikethrough blue green gradient

Care you can rely on

A free cellular connection keeps the Hub reliably online-no internet or phone line needed.


Care is always on call

If there's an emergency, we're on it. Our call center will reach out to make sure you're ok and send emergency service if you need it. See how it works in our video.

Ready to get started?

Professional installation and in-home training included--no additional cost, no long-term contract.


*One-time equipment charges of $50, which can be spread across 4 months for payment. Additional devices can be purchased separately.

Meet the safety suite

Our devices work together to put your mind at ease and your loved one in control.

Homelife care device Hub with cox homelife care logo three buttons

The Hub
The Hub connects seniors to trained care professionals anytime, any day.
See details

Homelife care device automatic fall detection pendant

Automatic Fall Detection Pendant
If someone falls, it automatically calls for professional help and alerts family through the app.
See details

Homelife care voice enabled device with emergency call button

Voice-Enabled Device (Optional)
In an emergency, seniors can call a trained expert just by saying, "call 911".
See details

Homelife care daughter and parents on split screen and daughter holding phone


You're always in the know

Get an alert the second help is called, then stay in the loop with notifications sent straight to your phone.

Homelife Care FAQs

The Homelife Care Medical Alert System base equipment kit includes a Hub and an Automatic Fall Detection Pendant. The Hub and Pendant allow you to call for assistance any time you need help by pressing the emergency call button.

  • The Automatic Fall Detection Pendant is a device that automatically detects falls. You can also press the emergency button on the Automatic Fall Detection Pendant for help.

  • You also have the option to buy a Voice Enabled Device. This device allows you to call for assistance by pressing the emergency button, pulling a cord, or saying the emergency call phrase, "call 911", three times.

  • The Homelife Care Family mobile app is included for up to 4 users with each subscription, and is provided to the subscriber's caregiver and/or family members.

Once you've reported an emergency through any device:

  1. That device sends a signal to the Hub, which notifies a care professional at our emergency call center
  2. The care professional calls the senior through the Hub, asks for them by name and makes sure they're ok
  3. If the senior needs help or doesn't repond, the care professional dispatches whicever emergency service is needed

Caregivers get phone notifications every step of the way through the Homelife Care Family App

The Hub is a cellular device which directly calls the Emergency Monitoring Call Center when activated during an emergency. Automatic Fall Detection Pendant and Voice Enabled Devices connect to the Hub using radio frequency (RF).

The battery life of each device is as follows:

  • Hub– 24 hours of emergency power (battery is rechargeable; therefore, no defined battery life). If the battery goes dead, a notification is sent to the caregiver and our team. A technician is then dispatched to replace the battery.

  • Automatic Fall Detection Pendant – 2 years

  • Voice Enabled Device – 2 years

NOTE: You can find details on battery levels within the Homelife Care Family App.

Automatic Fall Detection Pendant: 600 feet from the Hub (in ideal conditions). Thick concrete and steel walls may limit coverage.

Voice Enabled Device: Up to 30 feet. The range depends on the volume of your voice and level of background noice.

If the power goes out, the Hub works on battery  backup for 24 hours.

  • The Hub battery is a lithium rechargeable battery which needs to be charged. Batteries may not be exchanged for a new battery in Cox retail stores or our warehouse. If a battery goes dead, a technician will be dispatched to replace it (an incorrect replacement could damage equipment, so it's important that the battery is professionally replaced).

IMPORTANT: If a senior loses power for more than 24 hours, it's important that they contact 911 for emergency services.

Absolutely. the caregiver may choose to pay for the service on behalf of the user, as long as the user is a Cox customer and lives in the Oklahoma City service area.

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