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Cox Homelife 
Protect. Monitor. Control.

Cox Homelife Equipment

From smart thermostats to outdoor HD video cameras, we have all the home security and automation equipment you need. 


Enjoy the latest and greatest in security devices, including an easy-to-use
touchscreen, mobile apps, sensors and cameras.


It’s a natural instinct to do everything we can to protect those we love. In addition to professional around-the-clock monitoring and security features, Cox Homelife equipment can detect carbon monoxide, smoke and water.    

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Door and Window Sensor

Activates the security system and advises the Cox monitoring center when equipped doors and windows are opened.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensor

Perfect for when you aren't at home, this specialized sensor triggers the security system when motion is detected, but is not triggered by pets under 100 pounds.

Glass Break Sensor

Advises the Cox Homelife monitoring center when a glass window or door is shattered and is ideal for homes where a motion sensor can’t be used.

Smoke and Heat Detector

When it senses heat or fire, this detector warns your family with an alarm and automatically advises the Cox Homelife monitoring center.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

These carbon monoxide detectors alert your family and automatically notify the Cox Homelife monitoring center in the event of harmful gas buildup.

Wireless Keypad

Arm and disarm the alarm from your garage or outside your home with this convenient wireless keypad.

Key Fob

Arm and disarm your alarm remotely with the key fob. It's great for allowing guest access to your alarm system.

Water Sensor

Detect leaks and floods as they happen to help avoid unnecessary water damage and loss.

Siren Repeater

This wireless repeater acts as a secondary siren for larger homes or buildings where a standard alarm may not be heard. Also includes a strobe light.


From watching the baby sleep in the next room to checking in on the new puppy from work, indoor and outdoor cameras can keep you in touch with what’s happening at home. Plus, view up to 10 days of 24-hour recorded video from any web browser.

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Indoor Camera

Wireless camera that can broadcast live video and snapshots to Internet-connected devices.

Outdoor HD Camera

Wireless camera that can be used indoors or outdoors and can be equipped with night-vision. Broadcasts live HD video and snapshots to Internet-connected devices.


Wherever you are and wherever you go, your home is in great hands—yours. Remotely control your thermostat, lights and more with innovative Cox Homelife technology and remote access.    

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Thermostat Control

Stay comfortable and save on energy bills with a programmable thermostat. Easily adjust the temperature via touchscreen pad, web portal or mobile app.

Smart Door Lock

Check the status of doors and windows and remotely unlock/lock with automatic door lock controls.

Electrical Smart Plug

Operate lights and small appliances and program automatic off/on rules from the touchscreen pad or Internet-connected devices.

LED Smart Bulb

Ideal for ceiling lights, turn on/off and dim with automatic rules or from the touchscreen, app and web portal.



Enjoy New Features

Take your current security system to the next level with our equipment upgrades. You can gain more control and access more features with your existing equipment. All you need are the latest upgrades.




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Cox Homelife is available to residential customers in select Cox service areas. Service not available in all areas of a market. Offer includes Cox Homelife Preferred service plan with 2-year agreement and is available to residential customers with new or current subscription to one or more of Cox video, Internet and/or phone service. Certain advertised features require additional equipment and Preferred service plan. Continuous Video Recording requires Preferred tier with additional $14.99/month subscription and qualified camera purchase.  A high-speed Internet connection is required and is not included in price. Equipment fees may be extra; base equipment kit included with paid install and 2-year agreement. Touchscreen equipment is also required and is not included. $3.00/month rental fee applies. Touchscreen remains the property of Cox and must be returned to Cox upon termination of service to avoid additional charges. Internet connection is required and is not included. Applicable monthly service charges, installation, additional equipment, taxes, trip charges and other fees may apply. All prices and packages are subject to change. Home security service only pricing available. Subject to credit approval. Other restrictions may apply. Local ordinances may require an alarm user permit. Las Vegas customers will incur an additional monthly verified response fee (currently $4.00/mo.). Kwikset is a trademark of Kwikset Corporation.

See Homelife state license details.

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