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Staying connected

When nature interrupts life, we're ready to do our part.

Cox is here to help you stay connected with loved ones.

Assistance for those impacted

We can help while you focus on recovery

Thank you for your patience. In times like this we understand it is important to stay connected and we want our services to be there to help you do that.


Restoration crews have identified over 46 miles of damage to the network and over 1,600 downed drops they are continuing to repair. In more severely damaged areas, such as Perdido Key, our network crews and our partners continue to make progress getting those areas up and running. Crews are also continuing to repair down lines at customer’s homes this week.

Our crews continue to work extremely hard to reconnect the Gulf Coast. We estimate that all our major network repairs will be complete no later than midnight on Friday, October 2. While the network repairs will be complete by that day, individual damage to your home could take longer to fix. We will not rest until all customers are connected.

If you have a service call scheduled already, our team will be reaching out with earlier service appointments, when possible.
A few advisories to our customers:
If you have received notice that major repairs have been completed for your neighborhood and you are still experiencing issues, please reset your device by unplugging and plugging it back in. If resetting your equipment doesn’t get you back online, please chat with us at cox.com/coxapp or coxbusiness.com/cbapp for Cox Business.

Intermittent service outages may occur as providers are working to replace lines, remove trees and restore equipment to power from generators.

Please also take caution to place debris away from Cox equipment boxes. Keeping those boxes clear allows our crews to better facilitate repairing and replacing cable lines.

Storm assistance offer

Our Storm Assistance Offer is available to Gulf Coast residents impacted by the hurricane who would like to temporarily suspend their services. The Storm Assistance Offer allows you to keep your existing Cox Email and phone number for no charge for up to 6 months. You will be able to check your cox.net email from anywhere. You can call (888) 269-9693 to activate the offer.

Transfer your services

If you are a displaced customer, who would simply like to transfer your existing services to another address while your home is under repair, you can get started below.


If you are signed up for alerts, you will receive a text message. When you visit the Cox app or sign into www.coxcom/myaccount, you will no longer see a message stating you are in an outage area.

If major repairs have been completed for your neighborhood and you are still experiencing issues, please reset your device by unplugging and plugging it back in. If resetting your equipment doesn’t get you back online, please chat with us at cox.com/coxapp or coxbusiness.com/cbapp for Cox Business.

We are so sorry for the delays we are experiencing; we are working as fast as we can and with crews from across the region arriving to support us with additional routes and overtime. After your repair appointment is scheduled, we will contact you with earlier times when possible.

Like you, our employees live and work in the communities we serve, and we know how important it is to get reconnected as quickly as possible. We have completed assessments and continue to work on impacted areas. Our local teams have been joined by other crews from across the Southeast to ensure we complete restoration as quickly as possible.

Although you or your neighbors may have never lost power to your home, the node (power source) that provides Cox services to your neighborhood may have been damaged and/or lost power. Power or the cable lines could also be out between the "node" and your home. Our technicians are diligently checking line by line to ensure all is restored properly. If your neighbors have service and you do not, you can reboot your device by unplugging the equipment, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in. You can also reboot equipment with the Cox app.

An all clear message means major repairs to your neighborhood have been completed. If your services are not working, you may still need to take some action in your home. Try resetting your devices by unplugging and plugging it in.  For more help, chat us or get the app at cox.com/coxapp or coxbusiness.com/cbapp

Due to the impact of Hurricane Sally, we are experiencing delays in our typical time to restore services and that is causing errors in our outage restoration messaging. We have removed the estimated restoral times and will send a text when major repairs have been completed in your area.

If you were impacted by Hurricane Sally and are temporarily displaced out of your home, Cox is offering a Storm Assistance Offer. This special offer will allow you to temporarily suspend your services for free  for up to 6 months. With this package, you will be able to retain the following features:

  • Cox Internet-continue to have access to your cox.net e-mail.
  • Your Telephone Number - you’ll keep your number, once you are re-situated you can move your number to the new location (assuming it is in the same “rate center”).
  • TV - by enrolling in this plan you will not have to worry about returning the equipment and when you are ready to reactivate services and you will be waived the restoration fee.

Customers will not be charged for lost or damaged Cox owned equipment.

Customers who have lost equipment can contact us on cox.com/chat, call us (877) 556-7815 or visit one of our Cox Solution Stores to report your equipment loss. Our agents will then complete a lost equipment form and process an order to send you new equipment.

We would like to get any damaged equipment back so we can ensure it’s handled in an environmentally safe way. You have three options to replace your damaged equipment:

  1. Contact us to order your new equipment and schedule a UPS shipping box to be sent to you free of charge with a return label. We’ll also schedule UPS to pick up your damaged equipment for free.
  2. Visit any local UPS store and they will ship it to us for free.
  3. Visit one of our Cox Solution Stores Monday thru Friday and drop off the equipment and pick up your new equipment.

Cox Business continues to work around the clock to restore services to commercial customers. Cox Business will support its customers based on the status of their individual business operations. If a business facility is currently uninhabitable or was without services for an extended period of time, please call (855) 452-9062 to discuss account options. Or visit www.myaccount.coxbusiness.com to report and track a persistent service issue.

Our advanced monitoring of our network allows us to be aware of video, internet, home automation and telephone outages. There is no need for you to call to report an outage. Please know that Cox employees are working in conjunction with the city, county and electrical utilities to restore your services.

Video: We have up to 130 channels you can watch depending on your video subscription. You can to go to watchtv.cox.com to see your options for viewing via the Contour App on your mobile device.

Email: If you can get web access to the internet, you are able to access your cox.net email address via cox.com/myaccount.

It is possible to power your Cox services with a generator, if there has not been network damage in your area. Despite power outages, our technical staff has tested the use of a generator to reconnect to services:

  1. First, simply plug the power cord to your computer, television, digital converter and modem into the generator.
  2. Connect your computer’s cable to your modem. If you have Cox Voice, you would do the same with the phone cable.
  3. If the cable lines to your home and neighborhood are intact, your services should be active.

TO AVOID THE POSSIBILITY OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, PLEASE DO NOT HANDLE ANY CABLE OR POWER LINES that may be down in your yard, hanging from your home or trees. Professionals from Cox and the power company will move and repair any broken cable and power lines as soon as they are able.

Displaced customers who would simply like to transfer their existing services to another address while their home is under repair, can get started here.

If your services are working but you are experiencing technical difficulties, please visit our online support or call our Center for Excellence for Technical Support, (877) 556-7815, for support. You can get instant answers 24/7 at Care Chat also through the online support site.

Our number one priority, once it is safe to return to the storm impacted areas, is the repair of our network and the restoration of services for customers. As soon as possible, we will then begin to work on new installs. There is no need for you to call us to reschedule your install at this time. We will follow-up with you.