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CONVERGE | Technology

What Your Wifi Name Says About You

October 09, 2019

Your wifi name says a lot about you. Here are some clever ideas to get you started.


Wifi networks all have names. While you can remain anonymous (read: boring) with the default router name like AEGKLI8943-2GK, you can also choose to make a statement and show some personality. 


If you want to represent yourself well, make sure you give your wifi network a name worthy of the amazing person you are!


Here are some clever ideas to get you started.


You Mean Business


Those traveling or short on cell phone data may enter a store or business in search of a free internet connection. Let customers know you are not the Starbucks next door with a clever wifi password. Some good examples are: 


An antique shop: Pleasebuysomething

A Doctor's office: It Hurts When IP

A Chinese restaurant: Yell “Eggroll” for password

A Seafood joint: New England Clam Router 

A Culinary institute: Fists full of Sage

A retail store: Fashionnet


You Enjoy Entertainment

Whether you’re a fan of HBO or a movie buff, let the public know what’s streaming on your TV. If they can’t name the movie your wifi takes after, they may not be worthy of the password. Here’s what some people have come up with:


Luke, I am Your Wifi

Lord of the Pings

Winternet is Coming

Silence of the Lans

Guardians of The Gateway

The Lans Before Time

Titanic Syncing


You Don’t Share


If you value your privacy, don’t be afraid to let the world know. Let your wifi name show that what is yours, is yours alone. Be direct with names, like: 


Get Your Own

Never gonna give you Wifi  

Nacho Wifi

This is not free 

Access Denied

Stop Being a Mooch 


Get Off My LAN!


You’re Passive Aggressive


When you don’t like to share, but don’t want to be rude either, your wifi name can help deter people from connecting. Give subtle hints that your wifi isn’t open to the public with names like:



No Connections Available


Virus Infected Wifi

Network Not Found

Every day I'm Buffering


You Like to Make People Laugh


Just because someone can’t access your whole home Wifi doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get a chuckle out of trying. Entertain your friends and neighbors with a funny Wifi name that shows them you’re light at heart. After all, the best way to make a connection is through laughter. Try names like: 


I’m Cheating on my Wifi

Mom, Click here for internet

Router, I Hardly Know Her

Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

Look Ma, no wires


Wi-fight the inevitable

99 problems but Wifi ain't one


How to Change Your Wifi Name


Tired of being known as the string of numbers and letters that are assigned to your wifi network? When the right name strikes you, follow these five simple steps to change the default name:


Log into your router through your Web browser. 


Locate the router brand (the string of numbers found on the bottom of your router).


Enter the router brand into the URL of your browser. 


Navigate through the admin page to find the section named “wifi network name."


Enter your new and improved wifi name!


Your wifi name is a fun and simple way to positively represent you or your business. But, before you make it public, make sure it is something you are comfortable having everyone, from strangers, to your mom, see. No pressure. 



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