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What are whole home wifi and mesh networks?

Learn all about getting whole home coverage with advanced wifi equipment

What is whole home wifi?

A whole home wifi system, also known as a mesh network, is an easy solution to improving wifi speeds and extending wifi throughout your space. Here’s how whole home wifi can help boost your internet speeds.

Whole home wifi can blanket your entire home with a strong internet connection. Like traditional wifi, a whole home wifi system has one, central “hub” or station connected to your router. That said, it also has satellite stations (commonly called nodes) placed throughout your home. With Cox, these are called Panoramic Wifi Pods. Within this network, data moves from your device to the satellite station and then to the central hub. The satellite stations can deliver the same high level of connectivity in areas that would traditionally suffer from low internet speeds.   

Whole Home Wifi Coverage with a Mesh Network

What are the benefits of a whole home wifi system?

Some benefits of the whole home wifi system include:

Custom coverage

Wherever satellite stations go, so does your connectivity. Let’s say you spend most of your time browsing the web downstairs but also stream movies upstairs in your bedroom. With a whole home wifi system, you can achieve strong internet connections in both locations, regardless of where you’ve placed the router.

Easy network management

Most whole home wifi systems come with digital apps to help you easily manage the devices on your network. For example, with Cox Panoramic Wifi, you can view wifi signal strength and connected devices, and reboot your modem. You can even change your network credentials and security settings. This means security is in the palm of your hand.  

Fewer interferences

With satellite stations nearby, you shouldn’t have to worry about radio interferences or structural obstacles. If you’re experiencing slow wifi in your kitchen because of your microwave and a nearby mirror, place a satellite station in the kitchen. This way, the signal no longer has to travel through these objects to reach your device.

Location-based connections

As you move room to room, your whole home wifi system can automatically connect your devices to the strongest satellite station based on your location. By optimizing your route to connectivity, you’ll experience more reliability between devices.


In addition to location-based connections, this whole home system can help guarantee that if one node goes down, your network will continue running. So long as your central hub is still standing, you should not experience any internet connection issues.

In short, a mesh system is an easy way to extend your wifi range throughout your entire home. That said, it’s not the only solution.

Ready to experience Cox Panoramic Wifi?

Wall-to-wall whole home coverage and no dead zones.

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