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5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving All Month

November 07, 2021

Make one of the best holidays of the year last with these easy ways to get in the spirit


Thanksgiving may be just a mere 24 hours of delicious dishes, quality time with loved ones and reflecting on everything you’re thankful for, but the festive occasion can go far beyond the traditions it’s associated with. No matter where or how you’re celebrating Turkey Day, stretch the good vibes into the rest of November with a handful of fun activities to enjoy solo or with loved ones.


1. Host weekly mini Friendsgivings. Revel in the spirit of the heartwarming season by gathering with friends each weekend of the month to really extend your Turkey Day experience. Rather than spending hours in the kitchen solo, go potluck>classic Thanksgiving movie that’s sure to get you in the mindset of love and gratitude.

2. Plan volunteering dates. Alongside cooking up a feast, spread some holiday cheer by picking one day each week of November to spend giving back to others. If shelters and food banks are packed, consider running errands for a neighbor or organizing a neighborhood cleanup. Or take advantage of virtual volunteering: Be My Eyes, for one, is a free app that connects visually impaired people who need assistance with everyday tasks with sighted volunteers through live video chat! Just make sure you have a strong and reliable Wifi connection.


3. Connect with loved ones. Even in a time that’s made it challenging to keep physically close to those nearest and dearest to us, there are now more ways than ever to stay connected — virtually. Set up a virtual happy hour, invite someone to the table via video chat or have a relaxing movie night. Plus, with Panoramic Wifi, you’ll have maximum coverage, speed and connection all throughout your home, so everyone can stay connected no matter how far they may be.

4. Participate in fall activities. To embrace community, kids and adults alike can partake in festive fall fun throughout the month. Hosting an apple pie bake-off or chili cook-off makes a great way to get ahead of Turkey Day while getting some friendly competitive juices flowing. For a crafty option, swap pumpkin carving for something more kid-friendly with supplies like paint, glitter, glue and felt. Or create an autumn wreath and centerpiece arrangement adorned with cornucopias, wispy branches, scented pinecones and rich fall florals to bring festive touches throughout your home.

5. Practice your cooking skills. The only downside of Thanksgiving dinner is that it’s over so fast — but there’s no rule that says you can’t enjoy the feast on other days. Get a jump start on recipes by taking some practice runs in the kitchen with both the classics — stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans — and some new dishes to spice things up. You’ll extend the culinary experience and get to indulge in your favorites beyond just Turkey Day! And with the Cox Smart Home Automation Guide, you can learn how to follow along recipes for hands-free convenience.


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