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Start the New Year on a Positive Note With These Podcasts

January 11, 2023

Kick off the new year with these podcasts on health, money, careers, relationships, and more that are sure to help you reset your life.

New year, new you. Whether you want to jump-start your career, relationships, finances or fitness, you can find a podcast to help guide and inspire you. Here are seven great podcasts to help kickstart your year.

1. Fit, Healthy, Happy

Want to get fit in the new year? Check out the Fit, Healthy, Happy podcast. Co-hosts Josh and Kyle from online coaching service Colossus Fitness cover a range of topics, including achieving your goals faster, making your health habits stick, breaking progress plateaus and managing vacations and holidays. Their 400-plus episode archive offers plenty of insights on creating a meaningful fitness routine.

2. The Simplified Podcast with Emily Ley
Sometimes, less is more. In The Simplified Podcast with Emily Ley, making room for what matters is the focus. With ideas and tips to “simplify your home, work and everything in between," the show focuses on ways to let go of perfection so you can build a life you love. From episodes on decluttering your digital life to ones embracing the power of rituals, you'll find something to help you streamline your day-to-day.
3. Embrace Your Real
On the podcast Embrace Your Real, host Julie Ledbetter shares tips on how to “live every day better" through thoughtful, actionable fitness advice centering body positivity and steering clear of fad diets. Unconditional body love is the name of the game on this show, and the positivity is infectious. Beyond the physical, the podcast also dives into mental health and how to make your overall physical and mental journey a significant one.
4. Reset with Renee
Speaking of the importance of mental health, Reset with Renee is a podcast that gives advice for various mental health challenges, covering topics ranging from family dynamics and relationship repair to attachment styles and control dynamics. Hosted by therapist and coach Renee Fleming, the podcast also offers special guidance and resources to those dealing with complex PTSD and narcissistic abuse, with an overall emphasis on helping listeners recover and reclaim their mental clarity.
5. Relationships Made Easy
If you're looking to “level up" your relationship, don't miss Relationships Made Easy, a podcast hosted by best-selling author Dr. Abby Medcalf. With more than 30 years of experience helping people “create connection, joy, and ease" in relationships, Dr. Abby gives straightforward advice that takes into account a variety of life circumstances while prioritizing clear communication. From the important questions to ask before you move in with a partner to whether it's ever a good idea to get back with your ex-, Dr. Abby proffers practical, applicable advice.
6. The Career Change Maker Podcast
The Career Change Maker Podcast is all about finding your passion and purpose through meaningful work. Hosted by Janine Esbrand, a former corporate attorney role turned executive and career coach, the podcast showcases interviews with career transitioners, and offers tips for making your next big career move.
7. Planet Money
Many people get bogged down when trying to understand economic forces and how they tie back to their personal circumstances. On NPR's Planet Money, you'll get easy-to-digest info about the economy in a global context. Best of all, you won't be bored — with the podcast covering a range of topics from women who code to "apple breeding," you're guaranteed to walk away learning something new.
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