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5 Smart Home Devices That Will Make Halloween Spooktacular

October 27, 2021

Keep the monsters away on Halloween with these smart devices.

Monsters, witches and goblins—oh my! Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to transform your home into a haunted house. Use these five smart home devices to help set the vibe and keep your loved ones safe.  

1. Speakers

What’s a Halloween party without music? Let your smart speaker be your DJ for the night. Easily put in your song request by asking your virtual assistant to play your favorite jam. You can also control the volume from anywhere in the house using your phone. With the right playlist, your guests will be doing the Monster Mash and boogying away all night.

2. Doorbell

Trick-or-treat! Find out who’s at your door before you open it with a smart doorbell. With so many witches, goblins and clowns visiting your home on Halloween, a smart doorbell can help screen your guests. You can even communicate with any trick-or-treaters via your phone. Let out a spooky laugh or tell each kid their fortune for some Halloween fun. 

3. Lights

Set the mood with smart lights that dim and brighten for a special Halloween effect. You can even take things a step further and buy bulbs that change colors. You can set a routine to have your lights automatically change colors and dim at a specific time or control everything via your phone. For example, you can have the lights get brighter as kids approach the door to give the illusion that the house is watching.

4. Smart Locks

Keep the monsters and ghosts out of your house with smart locks. You can set a routine to have the doors automatically lock behind you. That means you don’t have to worry about an unwanted visitor entering your home every time you open the door to give out candy. You can also use home automation to have your smart doorbell and locks work together. Check who’s at your door and unlock it from anywhere in the house via your phone.

5. Security Camera

When the candy is all gone and it’s time for lights out, a smart security camera can keep an eye on your home for you. Security systems, like Cox Homelife, notify you when suspicious noises or movement is detected outside your home. Check the footage on your phone to see if it’s just a racoon lurking in the night or if there’s a reason for concern. When things get a little too spooky, this home device can help keep you and your loved ones safe. 

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