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What's New in Smart Home Tech for Pets

December 7, 2021

Want to make life easier for you and your fur babies? Here's the latest in smart tech for pets.

A dog's life is actually pretty good: prepared meals, countless belly rubs, lounging for hours on end. But the happiness of our canine (and feline) friends depends on their humans being available to meet their needs.

Thankfully, a range of smart home devices is available to help make our jobs as owners that much easier and our pets' lives that much more enjoyable.

Here's a sampling of the latest in smart home tech for pets:

Feeding Time

One of the biggest responsibilities in owning a pet is making sure they get fed on time. A microchip pet feeder uses your pet's microchip ID to access the feeder, essentially allowing them to feed themselves.

Each pet in your household gets their own unique microchip that corresponds to their food, helping to prevent meal theft. The feeder also has integrated scales, which can help with weight management and portion control. You can even connect to the app to see how much your pet has been eating.

Away from home but want to give your pet a treat? This smart pet treater connects to an app that you can control from your smart phone. It has an HD camera and night vision, so you can see your pet approaching and dispense their favorite treat with the press of a button. Pro tip: It also works from the comfort of your own couch.

It's Play Time

Playing with your pup may be a fulfilling pastime, but sadly we can't spend 100 percent of the time entertaining our fur balls. Now there's technology available to occupy your pet when you're busy or out of the house. This game console for dogs engages your pet with various challenges like color-matching puzzles, and even rewards them with a treat if they get it right.

Our dogs may never get tired of playing fetch, but we do. An automatic ball launcher can keep your dog entertained while you relax or take care of home chores. This model even connects to an app so you can control it and play with your dog from afar.

Does your dog love bones? This interactive smart bone responds to different types of touch and is programmed to attract your dog's attention. You can even control it remotely with an app.

Building Healthy Habits

When it comes to our furry friends, it's important to establish good hygiene and promote healthy habits. That's where a litter robot can really come in handy — it's an automatic self-cleaning kitty litter box, so you'll never have to scoop again!

If you love taking your dogs for long walks, a smart leash can enhance the experience by recording your routes. You can even upload your walks to a smart phone using the app and share with friends. For help sticking with your routines, the PupToDate App allows you to keep track of house training, feeding and medication.

Keeping Them Safe

One of the scariest things about being a pet owner — the thought of your beloved fur ball getting out of the house or yard.

Pet monitoring technology can help eliminate the possibility of losing your pet. With a smart pet tracker, you can track location history and pinpoint your pet in real time. You can even create a virtual fence and get a notification should your pet leave a specified area.

If you would like to give your pet access to the yard when you're not home, a smart pet door can do the trick — your pet activates it via a waterproof smart key worn on their collar.

Seeing Them In Real Time

Find out what your pet does when you're at work or out for dinner with a smart video monitor. The tool allows you to track movement, emotion and sleep patterns. You can view everything from your smart phone with the app, which includes a social platform to share pics, post videos and even chat with friends or family.

Once you've upgraded your pet tech, you can control everything from a single device with Cox Homelife. Don't forget: A strong wifi signal will ensure that everything runs smoothly. View our guide on improving wifi to learn more.

Now you can worry less and spend more time relaxing with your fur baby. Because, hey — pets are people too, right?


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