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A Peaceful Home is a Connected Home

April 10, 2020

Learn how Panoramic Wifi with Smart Wifi can connect your family and your home.

Some things about parenting will never change, like watching your children take their first steps, or taking them to their first day of kindergarten…or buying their first Smartphone?

As technology begins to play a greater role in the lives of American families, unforeseen roadblocks and challenges continue to emerge. 

Luckily, Panoramic Wifi from Cox is here to help!

Flawless Coverage

Although it may look a littel different, family life is hectic these days, especially when you're spending all of your time at home. You're trying to finish a work project from home, while your kid is researching for a school project on the web…all while attempting to order dinner online. Can your network handle so many different users at the same time? Thankfully, the Smart Wifi features can support hundreds of devices at once without sacrificing internet speed or quality. No more arguing over who's hogging the signal! A bonus—everyone can be in the same room together!

But what if your child wants to do his or her homework in the sun room, where the signal is a bit spotty? Panoramic Wifi pods create a mesh network, blanketing the home and eliminating any dead zones. Now your kids can study in any and every corner of the house.

Effortless Control

Technology can play a huge role in your child's education and development, but there's a lot of adult content out there that kids simply shouldn't see. Luckily, Smart Wifi has all the tools you need to ensure your child's safety, including TV and internet parental controls. Now you can block selected television programs by channel, rating or time of day, disable access to inappropriate websites, block access to general categories like gambling or dating sites and even customize your settings so that older children have more freedom.

But what about when your child is online? How do you know if your kids are secretly staying up late to browse social media under the covers? With Smart Wifi, each family member can create his or her own persona using fun avatars, so you can always see who's currently connected and track data usage.

Taking a Pause

With so many school and work obligations at home, it's never been more important for families to have a reliable internet connection. But now more than ever,  it's so important to take time to disconnect and have a good old-fashioned conversation. If you're having trouble getting your kids to engage at the dinner table because they're so busy on their devices, try pausing the internet. That's right—Smart Wifi features allows you to pause Wifi access during set times to encourage real-life connections.

Finally, the Cox Panoramic Wifi App lets you manage your settings from your computer or smartphone. Now you can spend less time connecting to the internet, and more time connecting with family.


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